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Do you want to know how to dig in an inground trampoline, or how to replace a trampoline safety pad the correct way? On this page, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is the question that you have not here? Contact us and we will provide the answer to your question or find a fitting solution.


Which trampoline suits me best?

Which trampoline suits us best? A question that many people ask themselves. Will you go for a standing or an inground trampoline? One of the main advantages of a standing trampoline is that air movement is optimal. Because of this, you will be able to make the highest jumps. In comparison, an inground trampoline will be more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable. It does, however, mean that you have to dig a hole in the ground. But you are not yet done. Do you want a round or rectangular trampoline? All in all, it is a difficult choice. Read our blog article: Buying a trampoline? This trampoline suits you! which can make this decision a little bit easier.

What is the difference between the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium?

To determine the difference between an Etan Hi-Flyer and an Etan Premium, we have to look at the product specification level.

Etan Hi-Flyer
The Etan Hi-Flyer is a good trampoline for an even better price. Despite the Etan Hi-Flyer being a good trampoline, we recommend taking it as a starter trampoline. A perfect trampoline to learn and practice your first jumps. The steel is a tad thinner; the trampoline is lighter, and the trampoline safety pad is of lower quality compared to the Etan Premium. This trampoline is produced in China by one of the biggest trampoline producers in the world. This producer has decades of experience in the trampoline world, quality guaranteed! A trampoline that ensures jumping pleasure for years.
Take a look at the Etan Hi-Flyer page for all models.

Etan Premium
The Etan Premium is a trampoline and an investment at the same time. You will have it for years. It is made of 1.8 mm steel, which means that this trampoline is supported by a strong frame. The safety pad, the jumping mat, and the safety net are produced in Etan’s own production facility in Bosnia – Herzegovina. Every part is handmade and checked before it leaves the factory. The trampoline safety pad is made from high-quality German PVC, resulting in a Uv-resistant safety pad that lasts up to seven years. In addition, the trampoline jumping mats are with Etan’s unique Diamond System that prevents spring wear and activates every spring one by one, instead of simultaneously, during jumping. This makes jumping easier and you can even go higher! All in all, a very high-quality trampoline, produced in Europe, that guarantees years of jumping fun!
Take a look at the Etan Premium page for all models.

Of course, if you want to see the trampoline for yourself and have your first test jump, you can go to the Etan Sales locations page and find the Etan Partner closest to you.

Where are Etan Trampolines produced?

At Etan Trampoline we have two trampoline models, the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium. The Etan Hi-Flyer is produced in China by one of the biggest trampoline producers in the world. They have decades of experience and know exactly how high-quality trampolines are made.

The Etan Premium trampoline is produced in Etan’s own production facility in Bosnia – Herzegovina. Here, almost all parts of your new Etan Premium trampoline are hand-made to ensure the highest quality level. In this factory, primarily raw materials from Europe are used. German PVC, foam from Croatia, and trampoline springs from the Netherlands.

Do you want to know more about who we are and what we stand for? Take a look at our ‘about us‘ page.

Etan Premium Trampolines

What is the Envelope System of the Etan Premium safety pads?

The Envelope System is a system that is incorporated in the Etan Premium trampoline padding. During the production of these safety pads, the compartments in which the foam is placed are sown close together, leaving no space between which the child can hurt themself.

Why is there an innersleeve on the trampoline padding of the Etan Premium?

Attached to the inner side of the Etan Premium trampoline paddings is an inner sleeve. This inner sleeve lies directly on top of the trampoline jumping mat so that, while jumping, children cannot reach the springs or frame with their hands and cannot hurt themselves.

What are the trampoline safety pads of the Etan Premium trampolines made of?

The Etan Premium Trampoline paddings are made of extra strong 630 mg German PVC. This PVC is UV-resistant, which protects the pad against the sun’s rays and thus extends the life of the trampoline safety pad. Made from a material that is highly tear-resistant, even if children stand on the padding. In addition, the high quality of this material ensures that the Premium pads last at least five to seven years, depending on the type and intensity of use.

What's Etan's Diamond System?

The Etan Premium Jumping mats are equipped with Etan’s unique Diamond System that ensures a smoother jump. This system works as follows:

Imagine: You jump on an Etan Premium Gold 14 trampoline with 96 springs. On other trampolines, with this number of springs, you have to stretch 96 springs simultaneously as soon as you hit the jumping mat. It takes an awful lot of strength to stretch all these springs at once, especially for a child of about 25 kg. The Diamond System ensures that you first stretch one half of the springs (only 48) and only the other half a little later.

This reduces the blow you experience as a jumper when landing on the mat and increases the strength of the jump. The force of the jump is spread out over a longer period of time as the springs stretch one after the other.

The Diamond system ensures, just like the use of conical springs, a more even distribution of forces. Because of its shape, a conical spring first stretches in the middle and then at the sides. The combination of conical springs and the alternating tensioning of the springs,  used in the Diamond System, ensure the best possible jump.

Why is there an extra flap on the Etan Premium jumping mats?

The Etan Premium jumping mats are equipped with an extra flap on the outside of the jumping mat, which covers the springs. This flap prevents children from being able to reach the springs with their hands while jumping.

What are conical trampoline springs?

The conical springs of the Etan Premium trampolines are produced entirely in the Netherlands.

The difference between the Etan Premium springs, compared to many other trampoline springs, is in the processing of zinc. Many regular trampoline springs are coated in a zinc bath. This coating can peel off over the years so that the spring can eventually rust. The rusting of the spring not only causes the spring to stretch less well, but it also becomes more brittle, and can eventually break. The steel of the springs of the Etan Premium trampolines is not coated in zinc but processed with zinc. Because of this processing, the springs cannot rust, become brittle nor will they break. Stronger, better, and more durable. That is why we give an extended warranty of 15 years on these springs.


How can I prevent stains on my trampoline safety pad?

Your trampoline is outside day and night. Because of this, it has to withstand changing weather conditions and Uv-rays. After a while, you will notice traces of usage, and the weather conditions will eventually become visible on the trampoline safety pad.

To ensure that stains are not permanent, it is smart to clean your trampoline safety pad regularly. This is easily done with a cloth and warm, not hot, water. By doing this regularly, fungus, stains, and traces from the weather are prevented from permanently setting on your safety pad.

Additionally, it is smart to buy a protective cover or weather cover for your trampoline. This cover makes sure that twigs, dirt, and other filth will not touch your trampoline. There is a hole in the middle of the protective cover to prevent water from building up on the trampoline and damaging it. However, when the cover is attached over a humid trampoline, there is a chance that fungus or mold will build up underneath the cover when the cover stays on the trampoline for too long. That is why it is important to remove the cover after a couple of weeks to “air” out the materials. The best thing to do is to remove the trampoline safety pad completely and store it somewhere dry.

At Etan, we have a large assortment of protective covers of all shapes and sizes. Made from different quality materials, from German PVC to strong agricultural foil. A trampoline weather cover is a relatively cheap way of making sure your trampoline will last years! Take a look at our protective cover page.

What is the cause of this stain on my trampoline safety pad?

There are different causes for discoloration or stains on your trampoline safety pad. The most common ones are listed below:

– All the Etan trampoline safety pads are made with a Uv-resistant layer in the material. This prevents discoloration and deterioration of the materials. Despite this layer, after a while, the safety pad will be damaged by Uv-rays. That is why you should evaluate the quality of the safety pad regularly.
– Trampolines are often placed in a garden near trees, flowers, and bushes. These spread pollens and drop leaves. These can fall onto the trampoline and leave stains.
– When it rains for a longer period of time, water and moisture accumulate on the trampoline safety pad. This amount of water can be the cause of fungus, which can show up as black dots or spots.

Go to the question: “How to clean my trampoline?” to find out the best way how to get rid of dirt, muck, and filth.

How to clean my trampoline?

If you haven’t used your trampoline for a longer period of time it may get dirty. The trampoline safety pad and jumping mat are easily cleaned with a cloth and warm water. It is strongly discouraged to use detergent, abrasive, or too hot water. If you have a stain that just can’t be removed by a cloth and warm water, then you can use green or very mild soap.

How do I prevent my trampoline from being blown away?

Do you have a standing trampoline with a safety net? Then it might be smart to anchor your trampoline into the ground. The anchor set ensures that your trampoline stays put even during the heaviest storms.

How do I make my trampoline winterproof?

The fall and winter period knows a lot of rainy days and decreasing temperatures. This also means that your trampoline has to withstand a lot during this time of the year. A protective cover is a great solution for this. Read our blog: “Make your trampoline winterproof” and be completely prepared for the colder days of the year.


Can I order a spare part for my Etan trampoline?

Yes, all parts of both the current Etan trampoline models and the older models can be ordered from the webshop. Might it be the case that you cannot find a certain spare part and you require help? Contact us and we are happy to assist you.

Springs: How do I measure a trampoline spring?

You measure a trampoline spring by measuring from hook to hook. Take the springs out of the trampoline before measuring the spring.

Jumping mat: Can I have my trampoline jumping mat repaired?

Often the trampoline jumping mat can be repaired. However, it is important to know when this is possible. This you can check by the following pointers that are mentioned below:
– Is the hole in the jumping mat smaller than a 2 euro coin? If yes, then the jumping mat can often be repaired.
– Are there multiple holes that are smaller than a 2 euro coin? If yes, then it is smart to have your jumping mat evaluated by an expert. The more holes there are in a trampoline jumping mat, the bigger the chance that the mat will rip completely.
– Has the jumping mat become greyish and mat? If yes, it is smart to replace the jumping mat. As soon as the mat becomes greyish and mat, it means that Uv-resistance of the mat has been affected and the materials have become brittle. This increases the chance of tears, meaning that your child’s safety cannot be guaranteed.

Do you want to have your trampoline jumping mat evaluated? Please fill in the repair form and we will give you tailored advice.

Jumping mat: How do I know which replacement jumping mat I need?

To find out which trampoline jumping mat you need, measure the following parts:
1. Measure the outer ring of the trampoline
2. The number of springs
3. The length of the springs (from hook to hook), when they are out of the trampoline.

With these specifications, you are able to find the correct replacement jumping mat. Do you still have questions or are just unsure? Contact us and we are happy to help you find the correct jumping mat.

Jumping mat: How to replace a jumping mat?

With a trampoline jumping mat it is important to know how it should be attached to the trampoline and especially, in which order. Do you have a round or rectangular trampoline? Attaching the trampoline differs per model.

The manual for trampoline jumping mats for both round as rectangular models can be found here.

Safety pad: How do I choose the correct safety pad?

To determine which safety pad you need, the following needs to be measured:
1. Measure the outer ring of the trampoline
2. Measure the length of the springs (when in the trampoline)
Take an overlap of 5-8 centimeters into consideration with the trampoline safety pad and jumping mat.
3. Calculate the required width of the safety pad needed to cover the trampoline springs and jumping mat.

When you have a safety pad that is too narrow, the springs will not be covered. When you are jumping, the springs will stretch. That is why the safety pad should be covering the trampoline springs.

Having trouble figuring it out? No problem! Contact our customer service and they are happy to assist you further.

Safety net: Why do I need to replace my safety net after a couple of years?

Materials that are outside day and night are constantly subjected to different weather conditions. Over time, the Uv resistance and thus the safety of the trampoline cannot be guaranteed. This means that the safety net should be replaced. Often the safety net poles can be kept and only the net has to be replaced.

For both the older and current Etan trampoline models, replacement trampoline safety nets are available. The nets can be ordered in our webshop in the category; safety net parts.

Is it possible to order a customized safety pad or jumping mat?

Yes, it certainly is possible! To do this, measure all dimensions correctly. It is advised to contact our customer service and they will guide you through the process. For customized products, a delivery time of six weeks is applied. Be aware of the fact that customized products cannot be returned.

When do I have to replace my trampoline springs, jumping mat, safety pad or safety net?

Regularly check if all parts are still in their original state. Isn’t this the case? Do you see a small tear in the trampoline safety pad or a hole in the trampoline jumping mat? Then often it can be repaired. Do you want to have an expert evaluate your trampoline jumping mat, safety pad or safety net to see if it still can be repaired? Please fill in the repair form.

Are your trampoline springs completely stretched? Is the hole in your trampoline jumping mat bigger than a 2 euro coin? Or is the tear in your safety pad too big? Then it is time to replace that part. The safety net has to be replaced after a couple of years or when it is possible to get your finger stuck in the net. The trampoline safety pad needs to be replaced when it does not cover the springs correctly or effectively.

All trampoline parts can be ordered separately.


There is a kink in my rectangular trampoline frame, is this correct?

Yes, for both the Etan Hi-Flyer as the Etan Premium 0965 and 1075 trampolines, there is a kink in the top rail. The reason for this is that the frame is constructed firmly. This kink also prevents the frame from collapsing under the weight and tension of the springs, especially during jumping.

Where can I try out the trampoline?

Do you want to check out the trampoline? Or do you just want to have a test jump first? Every trampoline jumps a little bit different. Go to our sales location page and find the Etan partner closest to you.

You are, of course, more than welcome in Etan’s own showroom in Boxtel.

What is the difference between a round and rectangular trampoline?

It remains a difficult choice! Are you going for a round or rectangular trampoline? The differences can be found in design and jumping comfort.

The rectangular trampoline suits modern gardens very well. Additionally, since a rectangular trampoline takes up less space, it suits smaller gardens.

Do you want to go for jumping comfort instead of design? Then the round trampoline is the best choice. All trampoline springs are evenly activated, which results in a powerful bounce. In comparison to rectangular trampolines where only a part of the trampoline springs is activated.

Do you need more information to determine which trampoline suits you best? Read our blog article: Buying a trampoline? This trampoline suits you.

How do I jump as safely as possible on my trampoline?

To jump as safely as possible on your trampoline, there a few tips you can take into consideration:
Always jump in the center of the trampoline jumping mat
– Stop jumping higher when you feel like you are losing control
Do not make somersaults without professional guidance
– Focus on the middle circle during jumping

Why is only one child at a time allowed on the trampoline?

If you are jumping with multiple children at the same time, there is a danger of being launched by another jumper. This can result in loss of control over your own jump and accidents can happen. Additionally, it is possible that you will bump into each other.

Can I dig in my Etan trampoline?

All Etan inground trampoline can be dug in. This can be done by following the steps in the supplied manual. In this manual, it is clearly described how large the hole should be, how deep the hole should be, and how much space around the hole should be free.

If you have (bought) a standing trampoline, then it is also possible to dig in the trampoline. This requires that a hole needs to be dug, deeper than one for an inground trampoline since the entire frame needs to be buried. Besides, it is smart to order a trampoline installation kit to make sure that air movement is optimal, and safety can be guaranteed. Nevertheless, if you want an inground trampoline it is best to buy a trampoline that is meant for this purpose for the optimal jumping experience.

Payment and Shipping

Which payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available:
– PayPal
– Transfer
– Mistercash/Bancontact
– Maestro
– Visa/ Mastercard

How can I track my package?

When your parcel is sent by DPD or DHL, you will receive an email with a Track&Trace code.

Might you have more questions concerning the delivery, contact us and we are happy to help you.

How will my package be shipped?

The sender of your parcel depends on the size of the package:
Bigger packages, such as trampolines, will be sent with Dachser for packages outside the Netherlands. Within the Netherlands, packages are sent with Van Spreuwel Transport.
Smaller packages, such as a trampoline jumping mat or safety pad, are sent by either DPD or DHL.


What is the warranty term for my Etan trampoline?

The warranty terms for trampoline differ per type. Below you’ll find an overview of the warranty terms per trampoline type. Additionally, the warranty terms can all be found on the corresponding product page.

Do you want to claim the extended warranty? Go to our warranty page and fill in the form.
Note: extended warranty is only possible if you have purchased your Etan trampoline elsewhere than If you have purchased your trampoline on, you are automatically registered for extended warranty.

How long do I have to return my trampoline?

Have you bought a product via Then you have 100 calendar days to return the package from the day the package is delivered.

How do I return my trampoline?

To return a product, you have to fill in the return form on the page; return policy. On this page, you will also find all the necessary information about the return process.


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