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If you want to know how to dig in an inground trampoline or how to replace a trampoline safety pad the correct way? On this page, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is the question that you are having not there? Contact us and we will provide the answer to your question or find a fitting solution.


Where are Etan Trampolines produced?

At Etan Trampolines, all trampolines are manufactured within Europe. Only the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines are imported from Asia. The Etan Hi-Flyer is produced in China by one of the largest trampoline manufacturers in the world. They have decades of experience and know exactly how best to make a good, high-quality trampoline. The Etan Premium, Etan PremiumFlat, Etan Sky-Flyer, and Etan UltraFlat trampolines are produced in Etan’s factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Here, almost all parts of your new Etan trampoline are handmade to ensure quality. In this factory, we mainly use raw materials that originate from Europe. German PVC, foam from Croatia, and trampoline springs from the Netherlands.

Want to know more about who we are and what we stand for? Take a look at our About Us page.

Which trampoline suits me best?

A question many trampoline interested people ask themselves is which trampoline would fit best. Are you going to go for an upright trampoline, an in-ground trampoline, or a flatground trampoline? The advantages of an upright trampoline are that it can be moved and that the airflow during jumping is optimal. This allows you to make the highest jumps. On the other hand, an inground trampoline looks nicer in the garden and is less conspicuous. However, you do need to dig a hole for this. With a flatground trampoline, you also have to dig a hole. The only difference with an inground trampoline is that the flatground trampoline is completely level with the ground and an inground trampoline still just sticks 30cm above the ground. But that’s not all. Do you want a round trampoline, a rectangular trampoline, or even a square trampoline? All in all, it remains a difficult choice. Read our blog article: ”Buying a trampoline? This trampoline is right for you!” and make the choice a little easier.

What is the difference between the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium?

To determine the difference between an Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium, we have to look at the product specification level.

Etan Hi-Flyer
The Etan Hi-Flyer is a good trampoline for an even better price. Even though the Hi-Flyer is a good trampoline, we recommend this model as a starter trampoline. The steel is just a bit thinner, the trampoline is lighter and the trampoline safety pad is of lower quality compared to the Etan Premium. This trampoline is produced in China with an eye for quality by the largest trampoline manufacturer with decades of experience in the business. A trampoline you’ll enjoy for years!
Take a look at the Etan Hi-Flyer page for all models.

Etan Premium
The Etan Premium is a trampoline you buy for a long time. It’s made of 1,8mm steel, which makes it a solid trampoline frame. The trampoline safety pad, trampoline jumping mat, and trampoline safety net are manufactured in Etan’s own production facility in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Each part is handmade and checked. The trampoline safety pads are made of high-quality German PVC, resulting in a UV-resistant safety pad that lasts five to seven years. Furthermore, the Etan Premium trampoline jumping mats are made with Etan’s unique Diamond System, which prevents spring wear and ensures that the trampoline springs are activated one by one, instead of all at once, while jumping. In short, a very high-quality trampoline produced in Europe guarantees many years of jumping fun!
Take a look at the Etan Premium page for all models.

Would you like to see and try the differences in person? Then go to the Etan sales point locator and find your nearest sales point.

What is the difference between an in-ground trampoline and a flatground trampoline?

An in-ground trampoline and a flatground trampoline both need to be dug in. There’s one clear difference: an inground trampoline protrudes about 30 centimeters above the ground, while a flatground trampoline is completely level. At Etan, the flatground trampolines are currently available as Etan UltraFlat trampolines. These trampolines are for the serious jumper. In addition, the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines will be added to our product range in the autumn of 2021. The inground trampolines are available in both Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium versions.

Want to know more about the Etan UltraFlat trampolines? Check out our blog article. It contains more information about this product line.

What's the difference between an Etan Premium, Etan Xchange and Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat?

The Etan Premium trampoline jumping mat comes standard in every Etan Premium trampoline. This jumping mat is made of permatron, a woven synthetic material, and contains Etan’s unique Diamond System. This system makes sure the weight of the jumper is evenly distributed, resulting in more controlled jumps. This prolongs the life of your trampoline springs, trampoline jumping mat, and therefore your entire trampoline.

The Etan Xchange trampoline jumping mat is a replacement mat for the Etan Premium and Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines with trampoline springs of 14 cm or 16,5 cm. This trampoline jumping mat is not included with any trampoline and is therefore purely a replacement.

The Etan Optiflow trampoline jumping mat contains, just like the Etan Premium trampoline jumping mat, the Diamond System, but is made of PVC with an open structure and not of permatron. This way, the air can move freely through the trampoline jumping mat and there is no dull jump. Besides the optimal airflow, this trampoline jumping mat also has a UV-resistant layer. This protects your trampoline jumping mat against the harmful UV radiation of the sun. This UV-resistant layer has been tested for years in a lab by shining different UV lamps on it. So the children’s feet won’t get very hot and the life span of the mat is extended.

Although the Etan OptiFlow jumping mats are suitable for all Etan Premium trampolines, when using this jumping mat, you’ll have the best jumping experience with the Etan Premium inground trampolines. The jumping mats are standard in all Etan UltraFlat trampolines, so this mat is suitable for that line too! However, these jumping mats are not suitable for the Etan Hi-Flyer line. Do you notice that your Etan Premium trampoline doesn’t always jump great? Then an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat might be the solution for you!

Want to know more about the Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat? Check out our blog post about this mat.

What is the difference between Etan Premium trampoline springs and Etan QuickSpring trampoline springs?

When buying trampoline springs, you probably won’t always have in mind that there are different types. The trampoline springs almost all look the same, but there can still be a lot of difference.

We all know the traditional trampoline springs. These are often made of Chinese steel and have a zinc coating. Besides that, they are reasonably flexible. The traditional trampoline springs are used in almost all trampolines. So also with our Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines. A fine spring for the beginner, but the experienced jumper will soon want more.

Within Etan Trampolines, we also have the Etan Premium quality springs. These springs are made of zinc-plated spring steel and are suitable for both young and old. You have a smoother jump on trampolines with these quality springs and don’t have to worry about rust! The zinc is actually processed into the steel, making rusting impossible. At first glance, the spring looks a bit duller, but that’s because it is not coated. All in all, Etan Premium quality springs are of better quality than traditional springs.

Now we have arrived at the Etan QuickSpring trampoline springs, we can state that these springs are really for the serious jumper. They are made with an eye on a powerful jump. Besides all the advantages of Etan Premium quality springs, these springs have some extra advantages. One of these advantages is that the Etan QuickSprings can be used with basically any type of trampoline. The only condition is that the previously used springs of your trampoline must be 18 cm or 22 cm. If this is the case, then the Etan QuickSpring trampoline springs are highly recommended as replacements.

And that’s not all. Next to the fact that you can use the springs with different types of trampolines, the springs are also twisted tighter together. This ensures that the springs fold back faster the moment you unfold them with a jump. This results in a faster, tighter, and shorter jump. Making cool tricks, somersaults or screws are therefore perfect when using these springs.

We can say that the type of springs you want to use really depends on the type of trampoline jumping. Do you just want to quietly trampoline and are cool tricks and somersaults not really your thing? Then the traditional springs and Etan Premium quality springs are more than sufficient! Are you a serious jumper and do you kick high jumps and crazy tricks? Then we advise you to have a look at our Etan QuickSprings.

Etan Premium Trampolines

What does the Envelope System mean for Etan Premium safety pads?

The Envelope System is a system that is incorporated in the Etan Premium safety pads. During the production of these trampoline safety pads, the compartments in which the foam is put are placed close to each other, so there is no space in between for the child to hurt itself.

Why is there an innersleeve on the Etan Premium trampoline protective edges?

An innersleeve is attached to the inside of the Etan Premium safety pads. This innersleeve lies directly on top of the trampoline jumping mat, which prevents children from reaching the trampoline springs or trampoline frame with their hands and hurting themselves while jumping.

What are the Etan Premium trampolines protective pads made of?
The Etan Premium trampoline safety pad is made of extra strong 630 mg German PVC. This PVC is Uv-resistant, which prevents degradation by sunlight and extends the life span of the trampoline safety pad. A material that is very tear-resistant, even when children step on the trampoline pad. In addition, the high quality of this material ensures that the Premium safety pads last at least five to seven years, depending on the method and intensity of use.
What does Etan's Diamond System entail?

The Etan Premium trampoline jumping mats are equipped with Etan’s unique Diamond System, which ensures a smoother jump. This system works as follows:

Just imagine: You jump on an Etan Premium Gold 14 trampoline with 96 springs. With other trampolines with this number of trampoline springs, you have to stretch 96 springs simultaneously as soon as you hit the jumping mat. It takes an awful lot of strength to stretch all these trampoline springs at once, especially for a child of about 25 kg. The Diamond System ensures that you first stretch one half (only 48) of the trampoline springs and only a little later the other half.

This reduces the blow you experience as a jumper when you land on the trampoline jumping mat and increases the spring’s strength. The force of the jump is spread over a longer period of time, as the trampoline springs stretch one after the other.

The Diamond system, like the use of conical springs, ensures a more even distribution of forces. A conical spring stretches due to its shape first in the middle and only then at the sides. The combination of conical springs and the alternating stretching of the trampoline springs, according to the Diamond System, therefore ensure the best possible jump.

Why is there an extra flap on the Etan Premium jumping mats?
The Etan Premium trampoline jumping mats are equipped with an extra flap on the outside of the trampoline jumping mat that lies over the trampoline springs. This flap prevents children from reaching the springs with their hands while jumping.
What are conical trampoline springs?

The conical springs of Etan Premium trampolines are homegrown, as they are entirely produced in the Netherlands.

The difference between Etan Premium trampoline springs and many other trampoline springs lies in the processing of zinc. Many regular trampoline springs are coated in a bath of zinc. This coating can flake off in the course of the years, which can eventually cause the spring to rust. The rusting of the spring ensures that the spring not only stretches less but also becomes more brittle and can eventually collapse. The steel of the Etan Premium trampoline springs is not coated in zinc but processed with zinc. Because of this processing, the trampoline springs don’t rust, they don’t get brittle and they won’t collapse. So, stronger, better, and more durable. That’s why we give an extended warranty of 15 years on these trampoline springs.

Can I use force when assembling the safety net top rail?

Yes, you can, the top rail is put together by means of a sliding/clicking system. You will need to use a little extra force for this.

Tip: Turn the mesh part at the top of the trampoline safety net towards you to create some more play when assembling the top rail.

Can the entrance to the safety net be placed on the long and short sides?

Yes, this is possible.


How can I prevent stains on my trampoline safety pad?

Your trampoline is outside day and night and gets a lot of wear and tear. Because of this, you will see traces of use after a while and the weather influences will become visible on the trampoline safety pad.

To ensure that stains do not remain, it is wise to regularly clean the trampoline safety pad. This is easy to do with a cloth and warm, not hot, water. By doing this regularly, you prevent mold, stains, or “the weather” from settling permanently on the trampoline safety pad.

It is also wise to buy a trampoline protection cover or weather cover. This weather cover ensures that no dirt, twigs, or other debris can get on the trampoline. There is a hole in the middle of the trampoline protection cover, to prevent a lot of water from staying in the trampoline and damaging it. However, there is a risk when the trampoline protection cover is attached over a humid trampoline, that it will develop mold when it lies over the trampoline for a long time. It is therefore recommended to leave the trampoline protection cover in place for a few weeks and then remove it, so the materials can “air out”. The best thing for the trampoline safety pad is to remove the pad from the trampoline and store them in a dry place.

At Etan, we have trampoline safety pads for all types and sizes of trampolines. Made of various qualities of materials, from German PVC to strong agricultural foil. A trampoline cover is a relatively cheap way to make sure your trampoline lasts for years!

What is the cause of this stain on my trampoline safety pad?

There are various causes that can cause discoloration or stain on your trampoline safety pad. The most common causes are listed below:

– All Etan trampoline pads are made with a Uv-resistant protective layer in the material. This prevents discoloration and deterioration of the material. In spite of this layer, the materials will in time still be damaged by the Uv-radiation. Therefore, keep a close eye on the quality of the trampoline safety pads.
– Trampolines are often placed in a garden near trees, flowers, and shrubs. These give off pollen and drop leaves. These end up on the trampoline and cause stains.
– When it rains for a long time, water can collect on the safety pad of the trampoline. This amount of moisture and water can cause the formation of mold, which can manifest itself in black spots or dots.

Check out our blog post “How to do you clean a trampoline safety pad?” to find out how you can best rid your trampoline safety pads of these spots.

How to clean my trampoline?

If you have not used your trampoline for a long time, it can happen that it has become dirty. The trampoline safety pad and trampoline jumping mat can be easily cleaned with a cloth and warm water. It is strongly discouraged to use washing-up liquid, scouring powder, or hot water. Should you have a severe strain that simply will not disappear with a cloth and warm water, use only green soap as a cleaning agent. Want to know more about cleaning your trampoline? Check out our blog post “How do I maintain my trampoline during the colder days” for more information!

How do I prevent my trampoline from being blown away?

Do you have an upright trampoline with a trampoline safety net? Then it’s wise to anchor your trampoline in the ground. The trampoline anchoring set ensures that even during the most violent storms, your trampoline stays put. Want to know more about anchoring your trampoline? Check out our blog post “Keep your trampoline grounded” for more information!

How do I make my trampoline winterproof?

The autumn and winter period has rainy days and falling temperatures. This also means that your trampoline has to endure a lot during this time of year. A trampoline protection cover is a good solution for this. Read our blog post “Prepare your trampoline for the winter” and be fully prepared for the colder time of year.


Can I order a spare part for my Etan trampoline?

Yes, all trampoline spare parts for both the current Etan trampoline models and the older models can be ordered on our webshop. In case you can’t find a certain part or you need help. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Springs: How do I measure a trampoline spring?

You measure a trampoline spring by measuring the end from hook to hook. Before measuring the trampoline springs, remove them from the trampoline.

Jumping mat: Can I have my trampoline jumping mat repaired?

A trampoline jumping mat can often be repaired. However, it is important to know when this is possible. That is why the following points of attention are listed below:
– Is the hole in the mat smaller than a 2 euro coin? If so, the mat can often be repaired.
– Are there several holes smaller than a 2 euro coin? If so, it is wise to have these assessed by one of our experts. The more holes there are in the trampoline jumping mat, the bigger the chance that it tears completely through.
– Has the trampoline jumping mat become greyish and dull? If so, it is wise to replace the mat. As soon as the mat turns grey and dull, it means that the UV resistance of the mat has been compromised and that the material has become brittle. This increases the chance of cracks, so the safety of your child(ren) cannot be guaranteed.

Jumping mat: How do I know which replacement jumping mat I need?

To find out which trampoline jumping mat you need, measure the following parts:
1. Measure the outer size of the trampoline
2. The number of trampoline springs
3. The length of the trampoline springs (from hook to hook), when they are out of the trampoline

With these specifications, you can find the right replacement trampoline mat. Should you still not be able to figure it out? Please contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.

Jumping mat: How to replace a jumping mat?

With a trampoline jumping mat, it is good to know how to attach it and, more importantly, in what order. Do you have a round or a rectangular trampoline? The attachment of your trampoline jumping mat differs per model.

The manual for the trampoline jumping mats for both round and rectangular models can be found here.

Safety pad: I need to replace my pad, which safety pads are there?

At Etan Trampolines, we have three different lines of trampoline safety pads. There are the Etan Premium trampoline rings made of extra strong German PVC. These safety pads belong to the Etan Premium trampoline line. Then there are the Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline safety pads. These trampoline rings are attractively priced and made for the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines or similar trampolines with 17,5 cm trampoline springs. Finally, there are the brand-new Etan Xchange trampoline pads. This brand-new line of trampoline pads is made as universal replacement pads and fits both the Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium trampolines. In addition, these rings fit trampolines of other brands with a spring length no longer than 22cm.

Safety pad: How do I choose the correct safety pad?

To choose the right trampoline safety pad, you need to measure the following points carefully:
1. Measure the outside measurements of the trampoline
2. Measure the length of the trampoline springs (tensioned on the trampoline)
Take into account an overlap of approximately 5-8 centimeters between the trampoline safety pads and the jumping mat.
3. Calculate how wide your border needs to be to cover the trampoline springs and trampoline jumping mat.

With a too narrow edge, the trampoline springs will extend below the edge. When you jump, the trampoline springs stretch, so the trampoline safety pads need to fall over the springs.

You can’t figure it out? Contact our customer service and they will be happy to help you.

Safety net: Why do I need to replace my safety net after a couple of years?

Materials that are left outside day and night are constantly subject to different weather conditions. After some time, we can no longer guarantee the UV resistance and thus the safety of the trampoline safety net. This means that the safety net needs to be replaced. Often, the poles can be retained and only the loose net needs to be replaced, which again saves a considerable amount of money.

Replacement trampoline safety nets are available for both the older and newer Etan trampoline models. The loose nets can also be ordered on our website under safety net spare parts.

Is it possible to order a customized safety pad or jumping mat?

Yes, you can! Just measure all the dimensions carefully. To do this, it is advisable to contact the customer service department, which will help you through the entire process. For custom-made products, there is a delivery time of approximately six weeks. Also, these products may not be returned.

When do I have to replace my trampoline springs, jumping mat, safety pad or safety net?

Check regularly that all parts are still in their original condition. Are they not? Do you see a small crack in the trampoline safety pad or a hole in the trampoline jumping mat, then this can often still be repaired. Would you like an expert to assess whether your trampoline jumping mat, trampoline safety pad, or a trampoline safety net is still repairable? Then fill in the form on the repairs page.

Are the trampoline springs fully stretched? Is the hole in your trampoline mat bigger than a 2 euro coin? Or is the crack in the trampoline safety pads too big? Then it’s time to replace the part. The trampoline safety net needs to be replaced after a number of years or if there’s a hole in the net where you can get your fingers stuck, and the trampoline edge needs to be replaced if it doesn’t cover the springs properly anymore.

All trampoline spare parts can be ordered separately.


There is a kink in my rectangular trampoline frame, is this correct?

Yes, both the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium 0965 and 1075 trampolines have a kink in one of the top rails. The reason for this is that it makes the frame more solid. Moreover, this kink prevents the frame from going inwards, due to the force created during jumping.

Where can I try out the trampoline?

Of course you want to have jumped on a trampoline before you make your choice. Because every trampoline jumps just a little bit differently. Go to our Sale locations page and find the Etan partner closest to you.

Of course, you’re also more than welcome in our own Etan showroom in Boxtel.

What is the difference between a round and rectangular trampoline?

It remains a difficult choice! Are you going for a round or a rectangular trampoline? The differences can mainly be found in the design and the jumping comfort.

The rectangular trampoline fits very well in today’s modern and somewhat tighter gardens. On top of that, it often fits very well in a smaller garden, because it takes up less space.

Do you want to go for jumping comfort? Then the round trampoline really remains number 1. All trampoline springs are activated equally during each jump, which results in a powerful jump. Compared to a rectangular trampoline, where only a part of the trampoline springs is activated.

Do you want more information about which trampoline suits you best? Then read our blog article ‘”Buying a trampoline? This trampoline suits you!“.

How do I jump as safely as possible on my trampoline?

To jump as safely as possible on your trampoline, there a few tips you can take into consideration:
– Always jump in the center of the trampoline jumping mat
– Stop jumping higher when you feel like you are losing control
– Do not make somersaults without professional guidance
– Focus on the middle circle during jumping

Why is only one child at a time allowed on the trampoline?

If you are jumping with multiple children at the same time, there is a danger of being launched by another jumper. This can result in loss of control over your own jump and accidents can happen. Additionally, it is possible that you will bump into each other.

Can I dig in my Etan trampoline?

All Etan inground trampoline can be dug in. This can be done by following the steps in the supplied manual. In this manual, it is clearly described how large the hole should be, how deep the hole should be and how much space around the hole should be free.

If you have (bought) a standing trampoline, then it is also possible to dig in the trampoline. This requires that a hole needs to be dug, deeper than one for an inground trampoline since the entire frame needs to be buried. Besides, it is smart to order a trampoline installation kit to make sure that air movement is optimal, and safety can be guaranteed. Nevertheless, do you want an in-ground trampoline? Buy a trampoline that is meant for this purpose for the optimal jumping experience.

Can I have my Etan trampoline dug in?

This is only possible in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). At Etan Trampolines, we can take care of the whole thing for you. Let our inground experts, with years of experience, take care of the process. Take a look at the dig in service page for more information.

Can I have my Etan trampoline assembled for me?

This is only possible in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). At Etan Trampolines, you can have your trampoline assembled by our expert technician. For more information, have a look at the assembly service page.

Payment and Shipping

Which payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available:
– PayPal
– Transfer
– Mistercash/Bancontact
– Maestro
– Visa/ Mastercard
– Klarna

Will there be shipping costs for my order?

Within the Netherlands and Belgium, there is free shipping for orders with an order value of at least €199. Is the order value lower? Then you pay €6,95 shipping costs in the Netherlands and €9,95 in Belgium.

For the following countries, there is free shipping from €999:

  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Italy

Shipping costs for orders below this value or to other countries vary, depending on the weight of the package.

How will my package be shipped?

The sender of your package depends on the size of the package:
– Large packages within the Netherlands, such as trampolines and large trampoline safety pads, are sent by Van Spreuwel Transport or by transport from Etan itself.
– Large packages outside the Netherlands, such as trampolines and large trampoline safety pads, are sent by Dachser.
– Smaller packages within Europe, such as a trampoline jumping mat or a small trampoline safety pad, are sent by DPD or DHL.

What is the delivery time of my trampoline?

Small parcels ordered before 1 pm will be shipped the same day. Trampolines, safety nets, and trampoline safety pads ordered before 3 pm will be shipped the next day. Orders within the Netherlands and Belgium are usually delivered within 1 working day. Orders outside the Netherlands and Belgium are usually delivered within 5 working days.

How can I track my package?

If you have ordered a trampoline that is dispatched with Van Spreuwel Transport, you can follow the delivery via, where you can see the delivery date by means of your postcode and house number.

If your product is dispatched with Dachser, you will receive an announcement of the delivery time by telephone or e-mail. Thus, you will know exactly when the Dachser driver will come with your ordered product.

If your product is shipped with DPD or DHL, you will receive an e-mail with the Track & Trace code.

Should you have any further questions concerning the delivery, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


How do I return my trampoline?

To return a product, you have to fill in the return form on the page; return policy. On this page, you will also find all the necessary information about the return process.

How long do I have to return my trampoline?

Have you bought a product via Then you have 30 calendar days to return the package from the day the package is delivered.

What is the warranty term for my Etan trampoline?

The warranty period for trampolines differs per type of trampoline. All warranty periods can be found on the relevant product page. You can also find a complete overview on the Warranty page.


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