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Rectangular trampolines are perfect for the more modern gardens or if you just do not have that much room in your garden. We have two sizes of rectangular trampolines; 281 x 201 cm and 310 x 232 cm. Both trampolines are available as an inground trampoline with or without a safety net and standing model. Our smaller rectangular trampoline, the 281 x 201 cm model, is perfect for the smallest jumpers due to our high-quality galvanized Dutch-made springs.

Looking for a good trampoline but you do not have that big of a budget? Go for the Etan Hi-Flyer rectangular trampoline. Or do you take your jumps a little bit more seriously? Then go for the Etan Premium line and enjoy a European produced, high-quality material trampoline.

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What are the advantages of a rectangular trampoline?

A rectangular trampoline has many advantages. Below we list a few for you. Because the trampoline is rectangular, much less empty space will be lost compared to a round trampoline. This is especially ideal for long, narrow gardens. In addition, a rectangular trampoline allows the children to make optimal use of the jumping surface. It is not for nothing that professional athletes use a rectangular trampoline. This allows them to perform all their technical jumps and tricks.

A rectangular trampoline from Etan is extra safe

At Etan, quality and safety come first. This makes all our rectangular trampolines extra safe. We only sell in-ground rectangular trampolines or rectangular trampolines with net. With round models, you often end up in the middle of the trampoline after a high jump. With rectangular models, this is less applicable. That’s why we’ve thought about the safety of your kids. Because of this we often choose a rectangular trampoline with enclosure. With an in-ground rectangular trampoline, the view in the garden is not obstructed. This is also a safe option because the step is very low.

Which rectangular trampolines are there?

At Etan trampolines, we know different lines of trampolines. You have the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines en de Etan Premium trampolines. Both lines have two sizes of rectangular trampolines. There is the 0965ft trampoline or 281 x 201 cm and the 1075ft trampoline with 310 x 232 cm as dimensions. Now that you know which different rectangular models are available, it’s important to determine which line you want to go for. The biggest difference between the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium line is in the quality. For example, the Etan Premium trampoline comes from Etan’s own factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here, the Etan Premium trampolines are produced against European production standards. Using European raw materials it can be said with certainty that quality is our number one priority.

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At Etan Trampolines we have two lines of trampolines namely the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium trampoline. Where the Etan Hi-Flyer is imported from Asia, the Etan Premium trampoline is produced in Europe, namely in Etan's own factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina according to European production standards. So do you want to go for long-term quality? Then choose an Etan Premium trampoline. Click here for more information about the Etan Premium line.
In the Netherlands, gardens are generally somewhat smaller than in our neighboring countries; Germany and Belgium. That is why we think you should be able to find a trampoline that fits in every garden. That is why we have Etan Trampolines in two sizes for rectangular trampolines. There is the 0965ft or 281 x 201cm for the smallest jumpers and smaller gardens and the 1075ft or 310 x 232 cm. The 1075ft is a nice size suitable for children who sometimes also want to do a cool trick. Both sizes are available as Etan Hi-Flyer version as well as Etan Premium version.
Just like round trampolines, rectangular trampolines have their own set of advantages. Are you looking for a trampoline that makes optimal use of the space in your garden? Then choose a rectangular trampoline. The fact is that a round trampoline with enclosure just about always has open spaces when you place it in a corner of the garden. Rectangular trampolines are also more suitable for children who love tricks. This is due to the way the trampoline springs are activated when jumping.
Just like round trampolines, rectangular trampolines are also available with net. Did you know, for example, that standing trampolines must be sold with enclosure? With in-ground trampolines this is currently not compulsory, so you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to attach a trampoline net to your rectangular trampoline. Both the Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium line have both upright and buried trampolines with safety net.