Trampoline black

A black trampoline fits perfectly in a modern, robust garden. At Etan, the UltraFlat trampolines are available in chic black, these are rectangular trampolines and square trampolines. These flatground trampolines are ideal if you don’t want an obstacle in your garden. In addition, Etan also has in-ground trampolines in all shapes, in the colour anthracite grey.

  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 198 x 294 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 294 x 294 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 294 x 366 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 366 x 366 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 366 x 414 cm black

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Trampoline black, what sizes are there?

The UltraFlat trampoline line includes square trampolines and rectangular trampolines. Both shapes are available in 3 different sizes. The black square trampolines have the following dimensions: 198 x 198 cm, 294 x 294 cm, 366 x 366 cm. The rectangular trampolines in black are available in the following sizes: 198 x 294 cm, 294 x 366 cm, 366 x 414 cm. The black UltraFlat trampolines are perfect for cool tricks, the smoothest and highest jumps. Professional athletes don’t jump on a rectangular trampoline for nothing, this way they make optimal use of the jumping area.

Because the UltraFlat trampoline is a flatground trampoline, it is sold without a trampoline safety net. This is because the height of the fall is much less than with an upright trampoline and therefore relatively safe, but always pay attention. Would you like to have a safety net around your UltraFlat trampoline? Contact us and we’ll help you further. Another option would be to have a padding surrounding the trampoline, that in case of falling, you fall on something soft. Let us know if you are interested.

Trampoline black, which springs do I need?

One of the most essential parts of your trampoline are the trampoline springs. The type of springs determine the way you can jump and how powerful your jumps can be. All three trampoline lines of Etan have different types of springs. But what is the difference between these trampoline springs?

The black UltraFlat trampolines include Etan QuickSpring springs, which were especially developed for Etan’s flatground trampolines. With the QuickSpring springs, made in the Netherlands, you are able to make fast and thus short powerful jumps, this makes doing tricks easier. This is due to the fact that these springs are more powerfully tensioned and therefore contract quicker. The Dutch Etan Premium springs, in combination with Etan’s unique diamond system, ensures smooth and very high jumps. If you do not care that much about tricks and somersaults, then the Etan Hi-Flyer springs are what you need. The type of springs are more basic and a good spring for the starting jumper. Keep in mind, that because of the length of these springs, they do not fit every trampoline!

Together with the Dutch Etan Premium springs, the Etan QuickSpring springs are zinc-impregnated meaning that they will not rust. Whereas the Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline springs are coated in zinc, meaning that the coating can flake off in the long run, causing the spring to rust.

A round trampoline in black?

Would you like a black trampoline in the classic round shape? Then you should go for the beautiful anthracite grey Etan Premium trampoline. This is an in-ground trampoline, which means that the protective trampoline padding lies slightly above the ground, contrary to the flatground trampoline, where the trampoline padding lies in the ground and is therefore equal to the ground. The round Premium trampoline is excellent for smooth jumps and has one central jumping point, which means that after a high jump, you’ll often end up back in the centre of the trampoline.