How to choose your ideal trampoline?


Etan Hi-Flyer

A great trampoline at an even greater price. Our Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline is ideal as a first family trampoline and will guarantee many years of jumping fun.


Etan Premium

A better trampoline for a better jumping experience. Our unique design combines safety and powerful bouncing to ensure tons of entertainment.


Etan UltraFlat

The Etan UltraFlat trampoline is the trampoline for the jumper who wants to make the coolest jumps. A black, high-quality safety pad and completely dug in at ground level.

Take fun seriously!

We are dedicated to bringing more fun into the world. Childhood should be fun and carefree. Children should be able to play outside, enjoy the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, and learn to fly. Once we scream joyously to the sky, we understand the feeling of unlimited freedom.



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With an Etan trampoline you will learn to fly!

To jump high, you need high-quality support. To learn how to fly, you need a flight instructor!

With over 30 years of experience in the trampoline industry, we believe that children and parents deserve more. We challenge the way companies produce kids’ toys and want to give back to society.

Satisfied customers are our main priority. We want to ensure that children are safe while playing on our trampolines. Quality is not optional, and that is why we own and control every aspect of our product. With our own production facility in the heart of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we manufacture durable trampolines that let children spend a healthier and happier time outside.

At Etan you can find inground trampolines, trampolines with net, trampoline parts, trampoline accessories, bouncers, soccer goals and basketball poles. Something for everyone.


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