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Repair your trampoline jumping mat easily

Is there a hole in your jumping mat? Don’t be sad! With the trampoline repair kit from Etan Trampolines, you are able to easily repair the jumping mat yourself. Attention: only holes up to the size of a two-euro coin can be repaired and still guarantee the safety of the jumper. Are you in doubt if your jumping mat can be repaired? Contact us and send pictures of the hole. Our reparation expert will assess the hole and give tailored advice. Or do you prefer to have your trampoline jumping mat repaired by a professional? Go to our repair service page and fill in the form.

Over time and due to a range of weather conditions your trampoline jumping mat will have a lot to endure. So, it can get damaged. There can be cracks because children wearing shoes have played on the trampoline, or from twigs that have fallen on the trampoline or the sun that after years of sunshine has affected the trampoline jumping mat. These holes or cracks should be repaired quickly before accidents happen.

Don’t you want to buy a new trampoline jumping mat or have it repaired by the repair service of Etan? You can also easily do it yourself. With the trampoline jumping mat repair kit from Etan Trampolines, you can easily use the included piece of permatron to close the holes in a safe way. Please note that holes can be up to a two-euro coin size in order to still be able to guarantee safety. Are there multiple holes, the size of a two-euro coin? Then it might be wise to replace the trampoline mat with a new one. Of course, we don’t want any accidents!

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