Trampoline jumping mat

A jumping mat ensures the highest jumps for years. In need of a new jumping mat but are you not sure which size or the number of triangles you need? Use the filter function or contact our customer service and we will help you find the correct size.

If you want a jumping mat that improves your trampolines’ durability, we recommend the Etan Premium jumping mats. These jumping mats are made with our unique Diamond System which prevents the trampoline springs from wearing out and evenly distributes the weight of the jumper over the jumping mat. This lengthens the life of your trampoline springs, jumping mat and thus your trampoline.

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The Etan Premium Trampoline jumping mats are made with the Diamond System

The trampoline jumping mats used in the Etan Premium trampolines are equipped with Etan unique Diamond System. This system has replaced the classic iron triangles with plastic triangles. The openings in these plastic triangles have alternating large and then small openings. In this way, the first half of the springs are loaded and only then the other half. In this way, even the smallest jumpers can make the smoothest jumps. On the frequently asked questions page you can read more about Etan's unique diamond system.

What should I pay attention to when jumping on my Trampoline jumping mat?

When jumping on your trampoline mat, make sure you take off your shoes. The sharp points on the heels of your shoes can leave small cracks or holes in the mat. This can cause the mat to tear in the long run. You also have to be careful with fireworks, the cinders make small holes in the surface of the trampoline jumping mat that can eventually tear open.

What are trampoline jumping mats made of?

A trampoline jumping mat is one of the essential components of a trampoline. You jump on it. These trampoline jumping mats are made of Permatron, a material that is mainly used to make trampoline jumping mats. This material is lightweight and strong. Depending on the braiding technique, it is determined whether the permatron is air permeable or not.