Etan Premium

A top of the line trampoline with improved jumping experience. Our Premium trampolines are made with a European produced safety pad made of strong German PVC and double padding, high-quality Dutch springs, a strong frame, an external safety net and our unique Diamond System for powerful and controlled jumps. Available in both round and rectangular trampolines, and as standing and in-ground trampolines. Because safety is one of our top priorities, we make our Premium safety pads with an additional innersleeve on the inside of the safety pad. Also, our Premium jumping mats are made with an additional flap that covers the springs. This, in combination with the innersleeve of the safety pad, will guarantee that your children will not be able to reach the springs during play.

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  • Etan Premium inground trampoline 380 x 275 cm / 1259 grey

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  • Etan Premium inground trampoline 380 x 275 cm / 1259 green

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  • Etan Premium Gold trampoline with net deluxe 366 cm / 12ft grey

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  • Etan Premium Gold 1075 rectangular In-ground Trampoline with enclosure deluxe – green

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  • Etan Premium Gold Inground trampoline with enclosure 427 cm green

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  • Etan Premium Gold 08ft In-ground Trampoline 244 cm grey

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  • Etan Premium Gold Inground trampoline with net deluxe 244 cm / 08ft grey

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  • Etan Premium Gold 0965 rectangular In-ground Trampoline with enclosure deluxe – green

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  • Etan Premium Gold 1075 In-ground Trampoline rectangular 310 x 232 cm – green

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  • Etan Premium Gold 08ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – green

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  • Etan Premium Gold 0965 In-ground Trampoline rectangular 281 x 201 cm – green

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  • Etan Premium Gold trampoline with enclosure deluxe 427 cm / 14ft green

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Etan Premium in-ground trampoline

The Etan Premium inground trampoline is one of the most popular trampolines. With this trampoline, quality and safety are implemented in every detail. The advantage of an inground trampoline is that it is only 20 cm above the ground. This limits the fall height. To make the trampoline even safer, you can also order the Etan Premium in-ground including safety net. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about your happy child anymore.

Why an Etan Premium trampoline?

The Etan Premium is produced in Europe. Because of this, we deliver a real quality product, unlike some other suppliers who have their trampolines produced in Asian countries. Because we have the complete production of this Etan Premium trampoline in our hands, it is even possible to have a fully customized trampoline made. The Etan Premium trampoline is of very high quality. This is mainly due to the extra thick trampoline padding, the strong trampoline frame, the high-quality springs and the Diamond System which takes the jumping experience to an even higher level. You can order the Etan Premium trampoline in the color grey or green.

For example, the PVC of the Etan Premium trampoline safety pads comes from Germany. This 630-gram PVC is very strong and unique in this price range. Because we have so much confidence in these trampoline padding, we offer a 5-year warranty. But experience has shown that these edges last many times longer, provided they are used normally.

Finally, because our Etan Premium trampolines are fully produced in Etan’s own factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are produced at higher European production standards. This increases the quality of our trampolines and allows us to continuously improve our product. Quality can always be improved!

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Frequently asked questions about

Etan Premium trampolines

The Etan Premium trampolines are our great pride. This line of trampolines is fully manufactured in our own factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina to European production standards using European products. For example, the 630 gram PVC for the trampoline padding comes from Germany and the trampoline springs come from our own soil, the Netherlands. By consciously choosing to buy our materials so close to home, we can guarantee the high quality of our trampolines at all times. We do not economize on materials, details, and quality, in the end, it is all about the safety of your children. Would you like to know more about our Etan Premium trampolines? Click here!
We are often asked: 'What is the Diamond System good for? The Diamond System from Etan trampolines is our unique triangle system. Where many brands use steel triangles to attach springs to the trampoline jumping mat, we have chosen to use fully plastic triangles. These triangles are frost resistant and do not break. The danger with steel triangles is that they will rust, stretch, or tear over the years. The Diamond System ensures that both young and old can jump smoothly on the trampoline. In this way, the Diamond System ensures that the alternating round and oval opening in the triangle means that not all the springs need to be stretched at the same time. As a result, your child does not have to stretch 96 steel trampoline springs at once, but 48 and a fraction of a second later the other 48. This reduces the impact, gives you a smoother jump and more smiling faces! Still not quite clear what our Diamond System means? Please contact us!
Within all trampoline parts of the Etan Premium trampolines, we try to make improvements in order to guarantee safety at all times. For example, on the inside of the trampoline, there is an extra inner sleeve that makes the trampoline padding fit better with the trampoline jumping mat. In addition, we have attached an extra flap to the trampoline jumping mat. This is located on the outside of the jumping mat. This flap lies over the trampoline springs and thus covers a large part. The extra flap of the jumping mat in combination with the inner sleeve of the padding ensures that children's hands and feet cannot come into contact with the trampoline springs.
Warranty periods are often a good reflection of the quality of a product. After all, a manufacturer does not give a 5-year warranty if he does not have confidence in the quality and durability of the product. Warranty on our trampolines is per part. For example, you get a standard 10-year warranty on the trampoline springs and the trampoline frame. Buy your Etan Premium trampoline in Etan's webshop? Then you are eligible for an extended warranty and you will receive a 15-year warranty on the frame and springs. In addition, you will receive a 5-year warranty on the trampoline padding and trampoline jumping mat of the Etan Premium line. Warranty includes manufacturing defects (e.g. loose seams), but no consequences due to product use or product modifications.