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Trampoline square

  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 294 x 294 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 366 x 366 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black

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Square trampoline or still a round trampoline?

Looking for a trampoline square? A trampoline comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are, for example, stand-up and in-ground trampolines, round trampolines, rectangular trampolines, and, therefore, also square trampolines. The advantages of these different shapes of trampolines are present, but entirely depend on personal preference, jumping style and weight. Despite the fact that rectangular and square trampolines are becoming more popular, the traditionally round trampolines are still very popular. The most popular round trampolines are trampoline 08ft, trampoline 10ft, and trampoline 12ft.

Which trampoline fits perfectly in my garden? Which size should I take? Do I go for a round or a rectangular trampoline? Or maybe a square trampoline? The choice these days is gigantic and can cause some confusion. We’re going to explain this to you in detail. First of all, round trampolines, as opposed to square and rectangular trampolines, have a central jumping point. The point where all trampoline springs meet is the central jumping point. This is because all trampoline springs face each other and thus stretch all at the same time when you jump on the trampoline. Where the springs of a round trampoline point to one point, the springs of a rectangular trampoline or square trampoline do not. These springs do face each other, but the springs on the sides are at a different angle. That’s why the springs in a quadrangular trampoline model have to work a bit harder than in a round trampoline. The springs in the corner where you jump have to stretch further and therefore come back harder. This creates a launching effect. This effect is perfect if you want to do fast jumps and tricks, but somewhat less if you want to jump smoothly.

Trampoline square, which options are there?

Whereas round trampolines and rectangular trampolines have been on the market for a longer time, square trampolines have not. The square form’s beautiful shape, sleek design, and modern look ensure you can perfectly place them in your garden. Do you have the quadrangular shape recurring in your garden? Then this trampoline fits you perfectly. But what options are there for the square trampolines? Recently, the brand new line of Etan UltraFlat trampolines has been added to the Etan Trampolines product range. These trampolines feature a no less than 3mm thick steel tube frame, Etan QuickSpring trampoline springs, and an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat. These trampolines are available in both rectangular and square trampoline models. Made for the serious jumper who wants to make the highest, but especially the fastest jumps. So are you looking for a square trampoline and do you want to choose a trampoline you won’t have to maintain for years to come? Then go for the Etan UltraFlat trampoline! Want more safety? Check out a trampoline with safety net.

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