Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black


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Etan trampoline de etan ultraflat trampoline

De Etan UltraFlat trampoline vierkant 198 x 198 cm zwart is de trampoline voor de springer die echt weet wat trampolinespringen is. Houd jij van het maken van schroeven, flikflaks en backflips? Dan is de Etan UltraFlat trampoline, de ideale trampoline voor jou.

Deze trampoline is gemaakt met een oog op een strakke sprong, optimale luchtverplaatsing en stijl. Zo beschikt deze trampoline over een OptiFlow trampoline springmat die door zijn ‘open structuur’ mat de lucht gemakkelijk doet laten verplaatsen.

Net zoals de Etan Premium trampolines, wordt de Etan UltraFlat trampoline volledig geproduceerd in Etan’s eigen productiefaciliteit in Bosnië en Herzegovina. Binnen de Europese grenzen, betekent Europese productiestandaarden en kwaliteit. Om de kwaliteit van onze handgemaakte trampolines te verzekeren gebruiken wij enkel en alleen Europese materialen. Duits PVC, Italiaans staal en Nederlandse veren. Kwaliteit en veiligheid moet voorop staan.

Etan trampoline mood photo
Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black
Etan UltraFlat trampoline optiflow jumping mat

Where traditional jumping mats are often made of Permatron, a woven synthetic material, the Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mats are made of an ‘open structure’ PVC. This allows the air, which you displace when jumping, to escape through the mat. This creates a fast and smooth jump so you can’t get enough of jumping.

Next to the improved jump, the jump is made easier by Etan’s unique Diamond System. The Diamond System replaces the traditional iron triangles with plastic triangles. These are frost and rust resistant and cannot break.

In addition, these triangles have, alternately, an oval and a round opening. This ensures that springs with an oval opening are activated a fraction of a second earlier than the round openings. This means that the jumper does not have to stretch all the springs at the same time.

Etan trampoline eten quick spring veren

The trampoline springs are one of the most essential parts of your trampoline. Because it makes you jump. Because we only want to use springs in the Etan UltraFlat trampolines on which you can make fast and powerful jumps, we had the Etan QuickSpring springs developed.

These springs are more powerfully tensioned and therefore contract more quickly. This makes your jump shorter and you can do tricks easier.

To extend the life of these springs, zinc is incorporated into the springs. Normally trampoline springs are dipped in a zinc bath which gives them a zinc coating. This coating can flake off in the long run, causing the spring to rust. This will not happen with the Etan QuickSprings.

Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black
Etan trampoline een trampoline beschermrand
Etan UltraFlat trampoline protection cover black

The Etan UltraFlat trampolines safety pads are made of black 620 grams German PVC. This high quality doesn’t only ensure a very long life for this safety pads, but also that we can offer a 5-year guarantee on these pads. But that’s not all.

These safety pads have an inner sleeve that is attached to the inside of the safety pad. The innersleeve makes sure the border lies better on the jumping mat. In this way the open space to the springs is reduced. The innersleeve in combination with the extra flap, which lies over the springs, of the trampoline jumping mat makes hitting the springs while jumping practically impossible.

Etan trampoline een 3mm dik trampoline frame

The trampoline frame, the construction on which everything of your trampoline rests, doesn’t only need to be stable and strong, but it should also last for years. The frame of the Etan UltraFlat trampolines consists of a 3mm thick tubular frame. Not round, but square for extra solidity.

The trampoline frame is made of Italian steel and is extremely strong. We are so convinced of the quality of this steel that we offer a lifetime warranty.

Etan UltraFlat trampoline frame part

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 33 cm
Number of springs


Recommended age


Size of the hole to be excavated (cm)

198 x 198 x 70 cm

Trampoline size

198 x 198 cm

Made in


Warranty safety pads

5 years

Jumping mat warranty

6 years

Warranty trampoline frame


Estimated installation time




Length of springs (mm)


Frame material

Galvanized steel

Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron

Jumping mat material



Etan UltraFlat


Etan d.o.o.

Trampoline shape


Filling safety pad

EPE foam



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