Trampoline frame parts

Our trampoline frame parts are made from galvanized metal, insensitive to weather conditions, which create a solid construction. A top rail with a leg socket for the Etan Classic trampoline, or a connecting piece for the Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline? Replace your trampoline frame parts and you will jump safely. Are you not able to find the part you are looking for? Contact us.

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A trampoline frame is a foundation on which you can count

The trampoline frame is the base of the trampoline and, therefore, the part that should not break in any situation. Should this happen anyway, and you need a specific part? Then you have come to the right place at Etan Trampolines. We have trampoline frame parts for both old and new Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines and also for Etan Premium Gold trampolines. Can’t find the part you are looking for right away, or would you like some help? Please contact us and our expert will be happy to help you.