Trampoline springs

The springs of a trampoline are the components that help you jump higher and higher. The Etan Premium springs, which are made in the Netherlands, are not coated in zinc but impregnated with zinc. This prevents the springs from rusting in comparison to traditional trampoline springs where, over time, the coating can flake and the spring will rust. We have springs of different qualities in sizes 14, 16.5, 17.5, 18, 22, and 25 cm. All our springs are available per 50, per 10, and even per spring!

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Trampoline springs determine the jump

The smallest part of the trampoline, but certainly not the least important one, is the trampoline spring. The conical springs of the Etan Premium trampolines come from Dutch soil, which means that they are produced entirely in the Netherlands.

The difference between the Etan Premium springs compared to many other trampoline springs is in the processing of zinc. Many regular trampoline springs are coated in a zinc bath. This coating can peel off over the years and the spring can eventually rust. The rusting of the spring not only causes the spring to stretch less well, but it also becomes more brittle and can eventually break. The steel of the springs of the Etan Premium Gold trampolines is not coated in zinc but processed with zinc. Because of this processing, the springs cannot rust, become brittle, and will not break. Stronger, better, and more durable. That is why we give an extended guarantee of 15 years on these springs.