Make your trampoline winterproof

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Did you know that you can make your trampoline winterproof with our protective covers?

Your children are certainly pleased with their trampoline in the garden. Besides the fact that you can jump on a trampoline all year long when the weather is getting colder and rainier it will be used less. With colder days ahead, it is recommended to make your trampoline winterproof for the upcoming weather conditions.

You can make your trampoline winterproof with a well-fitting weather cover that protects against UV radiation, low temperatures, dirt, and bird droppings. With a wide range of protective covers from Etan Trampolines, there always is a cover that suits your trampoline.

A protective cover will not only keep your trampoline clean and protected but will also lengthen the life of your trampoline. A protective cover prevents wear and tear of your trampolines and because of that, last longer. The covers trampoline from Etan Trampolines are all produced in Europe and either made of German PVC  or a very strong agricultural foil.

It shouldn’t be an issue if there is snow on your protective cover. However, we recommend to brush the snow off, this is due to the weight of the snow. The springs will unnecessary stretch and wear out over time.

Don’t you have an Etan Trampoline, but a trampoline from Pro-line, Exit Toys, Salta or BERG Toys? Our protective covers are not solely made for Etan products but are produced based on general measurements. Check out our wide assortment of trampoline covers on our website to make sure your trampoline is well protected and ready for the winter!

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