Five absolute don’ts when using your trampoline!

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The trampoline is becoming increasingly popular. More and more parents see the use and enjoyment of trampolining for their children. With this increasing popularity, it’s logical that more and more parents and children without any trampoline experience have purchased a trampoline and don’t really know what they can and can’t do with it. Jumping, doing cool tricks, or playing a trampoline game can of course not hurt. But did you know there are also absolute don’ts with a trampoline? Of course, we at Etan would love to give you some tips and explain a few absolute don’ts in this blog post!

1. Don’t let your pets on your trampoline! We understand that it’s tempting to play with your dog on the trampoline or to relax with your rabbit on your trampoline. However, do not do this at all times! Besides the fact that it’s not good for the muscles and joints of many animals, because it’s not a solid surface, it’s also not good for your trampoline jumping mat and trampoline safety pad. The sharp nails, which many animals have, can damage your trampoline jumping mat and trampoline safety pad. Think of a tear in your safety pads or a hole in your bouncing surface. Repairing or replacing these trampoline parts can be an expensive joke, so pay attention!

2. Don’t use an upright trampoline without a trampoline safety net! These days, it’s mandatory to sell stand-up trampolines with a safety net. That is, of course, not for nothing. Too many accidents happen when using a stand-up trampoline without a trampoline safety net. Think especially of children who unexpectedly fall off the trampoline and incur injuries. Deliberately leaving the trampoline can also be a problem. Children sometimes want to jump off the trampoline, which of course is not the intention. Always leave the trampoline calmly and avoid unnecessary accidents.

With an inground trampoline, it is nowadays also mandatory to sell it with a trampoline safety net, but there are still plenty of inground trampolines for sale without a safety net. The risk of injuries is smaller with inground trampolines. Despite the fact that you can of course also fall on the hard ground towards the trampoline, the falls from an upright trampoline can be much harder. Still, it’s not crazy to purchase an inground trampoline with a net – this way, you prevent uninvited guests on your trampoline and make sure the jumpers can’t end up outside the trampoline. Super safe!

3. Don’t jump with too many people at once! Of course, it’s fun to jump the trampoline with your friends. However, this is not always wise. If you jump with more than one person on the trampoline, you can get a launching effect. This makes you fly extra high into the air and you can unexpectedly lose balance and crash. There is also a risk of collision. To prevent accidents, we, therefore, recommend jumping on the trampoline on your own.

4. Don’t know how to build a trampoline? Then look for help first! Putting up a trampoline can be a time-consuming job. Besides, it is important that it is put together in the right way, step by step. Of course, we don’t want any accidents because the trampoline isn’t assembled properly! Etan’s tip: watch YouTube videos to see step-by-step how to assemble your trampoline. Do you have an Etan trampoline? Check the product page of your trampoline on our website for the right instruction video, or find the right instruction video on our YouTube channel. Are you more of a reader? Then look for the right manual on our manuals page.

5. Do not leave your trampoline outside in stormy weather! Especially an upright trampoline is dangerous in stormy weather – the trampoline can be blown off its place or get damaged. Do you want to be sure that your trampoline stays in place during stormy weather? Then buy a trampoline anchoring set. This set puts your trampoline extra firmly in the ground. It can also be handy to dismount your trampoline safety net and put a trampoline protection cover over your trampoline – this protects your trampoline against dirt. Do you want to be totally sure? Then it’s better to dismantle your trampoline and only rebuild it when the weather is nice. For one stormy day, this is of course a big job, but if the weather is stormy for several days, it can be a great solution!

We hope to have informed you about the don’ts when using your trampoline. Don’t forget to read our other blogs as well! Do you still have questions or do you want advice about your trampoline? Then feel free to contact our customer service. They will then provide you with an appropriate answer and/or advice!

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