Do I go for a round or a rectangular trampoline?

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Buying a trampoline is something you should think about carefully – which trampoline really suits you, your children, and your garden? On the internet, you’ll probably find many different types and sizes of trampolines. Etan Trampolines has no less than three trampoline lines and many different sizes. The choice is huge, so we’re happy to lend a hand. For our three lines, Etan Premium, Etan Hi-Flyer, and Etan UltraFlat, we already wrote blog articles with all the information you need. On top of that, we also have a new trampoline comparer, which allows you to easily compare our three lines. Still, besides the question of which trampoline line best suits your needs, there’s another important question: do I go for a round or a rectangular trampoline? With that question, we’ll give you a hand today!

At Etan, we have round trampolines in many different sizes, like the 08ft / 244 cm, 10ft / 305 cm, 12ft / 366 cm and the 14ft / 427 cm. Something for every child, we might say! With a round trampoline, all trampoline springs are pointed to one point, this means that when you jump in the middle of the trampoline, you’ll get powerful jumps and you’ll stay nicely in place. The launch effect to another spot on the trampoline remains out, and that is of course extremely safe.

A rectangular trampoline is perfect for the modern garden or when you simply don’t have that much space. Within the Etan Hi-Flyer line, we have two sizes of rectangular trampolines: 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm and 1075ft / 310 x 232 cm. With the Etan Premium line, there’s even one more size, namely 1259ft / 380 x 275 cm. If all that is not enough, the Etan UltraFlat line comes in three other sizes – 198 x 294 cm, 294 x 366 cm, and 366 x 414 cm. Enough choice!

A rectangular trampoline has many advantages. Because the trampoline is rectangular, much less empty space is lost in comparison with a round trampoline. This is especially ideal in long, narrow gardens. Besides, with a rectangular trampoline, children can make optimal use of the jumping surface. Professional athletes use a rectangular trampoline for good reason. On it, they can do all their technical jumps and tricks. With a rectangular trampoline, it doesn’t matter on which part of the trampoline jumping mat you jump, your jumps are equally powerful everywhere. But you do have the launch effect on a rectangular trampoline. This does not mean, of course, that with one jump you will be on the other side of the trampoline, but it does mean that there is a chance that you will not be able to jump at exactly one particular spot. So you can be ”launched” to another spot on the jumping mat. Want to know more about rectangular trampolines? Check out our blog post here.

All in all, there is no good or bad in this comparison. Your personal preferences will eventually have to determine the choice. Do you have enough space in your garden and are you looking for a nice trampoline with one clear jumping point, then a round trampoline is for you! Are you a more serious jumper and do you like to do cool tricks, or do you just have less space in your garden, and do you want to hide the trampoline nicely? Then a rectangular trampoline might be better for you!

Do you still have questions or would you like some advice on the choice you want to make? Contact our customer service for appropriate and expert advice!

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