Back to school – The trampoline: your best friend after school

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The summer holiday is over and the early wake-up call has begun. The children cycle to school and look forward to coming home in the afternoon and jumping on a trampoline. From trampolining to doing homework on the trampoline, the trampoline is your best buddy after school! We’re giving you some tips!

Back to school tips:

1. Wake up bouncing

Are your children not quite awake yet and do they need some energy? Let them jump on the trampoline for a few minutes before breakfast. That way they’re awake, hungry and hopefully in the mood for school. Studies have shown that 15-45 minutes of exercise in the morning has a positive impact on children’s concentration at school. What more could you want?

2. Establish a routine

After the summer holidays, create a routine again, such as getting up early and cycling to school. It helps children to know what to do and if they finish early they can jump on an Etan trampoline. Leave screens off in the morning, this can be a reward in the afternoon after doing homework.

3. Trampolining with friends

If your child has made new friends, this is the perfect opportunity to invite them for an afternoon of jumping. Kids love to jump the trampoline and do somersaults and other tricks.

Need inspiration for what you can do on a trampoline? Read our favourite ideas here:

  • Doing homework on the trampoline with pavement chalk
  • Picnicking with friends on the trampoline
  • Stargazing
  • Camping on the trampoline
  • Make a fort where you can play
  • Turn the trampoline into a cinema
  • Trampoline twister
  • Learn new tricks, but make sure there is a parent around
  • Just jump
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