New at Etan – the Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline

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Are you already familiar with the Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline, the newest trampoline in Etan’s product range? The Sky-Flyer trampoline is the trampoline of good quality for an even better price. Perfect for the whole family. Just like the Etan Premium and Etan UltraFlat trampolines, the Etan Sky-Flyer trampolines are also produced in Europe. Etan Trampolines has its own production facility in the heart of Europe, where attention to safety and quality is paramount.

From Hi-Flyer to Sky-Flyer

The Sky-Flyer trampolines are an upgrade of the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines and therefore interchangeable with each other. This way, a Sky-Flyer jumping mat fits perfectly on your Hi-Flyer trampoline, as well as the trampoline safety net and safety pads. The trampolines are available in grey and green, so you choose what fits your garden and your style. On the Sky-Flyer trampoline you make short and smooth jumps, which is good for jumps and tricks.

  • Etan Sky-Flyer Inground trampoline with enclosure 10ft / 305 cm green

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  • Etan Sky-Flyer Inground trampoline with enclosure 12ft / 366 cm grey

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  • Etan Sky-Flyer Inground trampoline with enclosure 14ft / 427 cm green

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