Everything you need to know about the Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline

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Fly higher on the Etan Sky-Flyer!

What’s more fun than jumping with friends? With an Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline, you jump safely on a trampoline produced in Europe, in the modern colours grey and green. Reach new heights and go on an adventure in your own garden!

Learn to jump on an Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline!

The trampoline with the best price-quality ratio is the Etan Sky-Flyer. Available as a round and rectangular in-ground trampoline in various sizes, from small to large. This way, a trampoline also fits easily in the smaller garden! Thanks to the conical trampoline springs, you’ll make soft and smooth jumps, ideal for children who don’t have much jumping experience yet.

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How safe is the Etan Sky-Flyer?

Children jump extra safely on an Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline with safety net. The internal safety net is attached to the jumping mat and makes sure you can’t reach the trampoline springs. Any falls are always absorbed, so children can always try out new jumps and tricks while being fully protected.

A trampoline protective pad ensures that you cannot fall directly on the springs and the frame. The protective frame has a 2 cm thick foam filling and is made of German PVC, super for this price range!

European quality for the best price

The Sky-Flyer trampolines are produced in the heart of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This means high quality materials and products. The steel of the trampoline frame comes from Italy, the PVC of the safety pads from Germany and Etan has designed its own springs, which come from the factory in Bosnia.

The quality of the Sky-Flyer trampoline is reflected in the warranty periods. The trampoline jumping mat, safety pads and springs have a 2-year warranty, the trampoline frame has a warranty of as long as 8 years. The steel of the safety net has a warranty of 3 years and 2 years for the other parts.

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