Everything you need to know about rectangular trampolines

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Why a rectangular trampoline?

What reasons could you have to prefer a rectangular trampoline to a round one? There are some considerable differences between these types of trampolines. Apart from the fact that the shape of the trampoline is of course very different, this will also make a considerable difference when the trampoline is in your garden. In addition, for example, the suspension of a rectangular trampoline is very different from that of a round trampoline. Just think about it. Do you ever see an Olympic jumper jump on a round trampoline?

Which rectangular trampoline is best?

Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline*

A trampoline for the beginning jumper! The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline lets you make your first jumps. Available in different sizes both round and rectangular trampolines with or without net. Also for sale as an inground trampoline for a low price.

Jumping comfort

*Upper scores are determined on the basis of averages.

Etan Premium trampoline*

A real quality trampoline. The Etan Premium Trampoline is manufactured in Etan’s own factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina at European production standards. These trampolines are made with European materials and with an eye for detail, quality and safety!

Jumping comfort

The advantages of a rectangular trampoline

A round trampoline with enclosure or rectangular? Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. But what are the advantages of a rectangular trampoline?

Because of its shape, a rectangular trampoline has no ’empty spaces’ around it. You can easily place it against the fence, hedge or edge of your garden and it will fit seamlessly. However, it is often advisable to have two metres of free space around the trampoline to guarantee safety.

What sizes of rectangular trampolines are there?

In the Netherlands we have back gardens that can vary between small town gardens or hectares in size. That’s why at Etan trampolines we have rectangular trampolines that fit in both large and small backyards.

The size 0965 or 281 x 201 cm is our smallest model of trampoline rectangular. The trampoline fits in even the smallest backyards. With a maximum user weight of 50kg, it is intended for the smaller jump-ups among us. For the larger gardens and jumpers there is the 1075ft or 310 x 232 cm.


How do you dig in a rectangular trampoline?

Did you order a rectangular in-ground trampoline? Or are you planning to order one, but have no idea how to dig in a trampoline? Don’t worry, we will be happy to help you.

To dig in a trampoline you have to dig a bowl-shaped hole underneath the trampoline depending on the size. If you bought a 0965ft trampoline, your pit should be 230 x 150 cm and 40 cm deep. Do you have a 1075ft? Then the hole should be 260 x 180 cm and 70 cm deep.

Standing or rather an in-ground trampoline?

The model, size and color of your trampoline is very personal. Do you opt for safety and buy a trampoline with a safety net or do you go for the sleek look of an inground trampoline without net. Plenty of choice!

If you go for the Etan Premium line, you have the choice between a green or anthracite grey trampoline. You also have the choice between a standard or deluxe trampoline safety net. The deluxe safety net has curved poles and thicker foam around the poles for improved safety.

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