Trampoline with enclosure

Do you want to buy a trampoline with enclosure for your children, but are you afraid that they will get hurt, and is safety one of your biggest priorities? Well at Etan Trampolines, we do not joke around when it comes to the safety of our little jumpers. That is why we have tested our safety nets extensively and made sure nothing can happen with your children while they are playing on the trampoline. We guarantee the safety net will catch each fall. But there is more, because our Etan Premium trampolines have external safety nets, meaning they are attached on the outside of the safety pad, so there is more room for jumping!

The Etan Premium line enclosure is available in standard and deluxe. The standard trampoline net has straight poles, where the deluxe safety net has curved poles and a thicker foam covering the poles.

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A rectangular trampoline with enclosure or another shape?

At Etan, we have a wide range of trampolines with a safety net. For example, we have a rectangular trampoline with an enclosure and a round trampoline with an enclosure. Even for our in-ground models, we have examples including nets. In short, at Etan, we have all kinds of trampolines. So there is always a trampoline with an enclosure to match your wishes and your garden. A rectangular trampoline with a net is mainly used in city gardens because a rectangular trampoline uses less empty space compared to a round trampoline. An in-ground trampoline with an enclosure is even safer. Because an in-ground trampoline is close to the ground, getting on and off is very easy.

Why can’t I find an upright trampoline anywhere without a net?

You used to see them everywhere. Trampolines on legs without a safety net on them. But why can we hardly see them anywhere now? Good question. This is because it has been mandatory for quite some time to buy an upright trampoline with trampoline net. It is simply too dangerous and the drop height is too high to jump on these trampolines.

Are in-ground trampolines without safety net still for sale?

Yes, in-ground trampolines are still sold without a trampoline safety net. This is because the fall height of an in-ground trampoline is a lot lower than that of an upright trampoline. Often this can be as much as a meter. But beware, also for in-ground trampolines, things will change in the coming years in regards to the purchase of a safety net.

A trampoline with net in various sizes

At Etan, we have more than 100 trampolines with enclosure in stock. Because of this, we have a suitable trampoline for every size and budget. Order your trampoline with a safety net today and your trampoline will be shipped immediately. In addition, you also benefit from free shipping. Want advice on buying a trampoline with a net? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions about

Etan Premium trampolines

Assembling a trampoline can be quite a job for someone with two left hands. That is why we try to make this as easy as possible for you. For example, there is an extensive instruction video for each trampoline. These can be found on our Youtube page or in the description on the product page. In addition, all our trampolines come with a detailed manual. The part of a trampoline that many a future jumper will have difficulty with is the trampoline net.
Depending on whether you have an upright rectangular trampoline or a round in-ground trampoline, the total height of the trampoline can vary greatly. The total height of upright trampolines is around 270 cm.
In order to answer this question properly, we need to distinguish between in-ground trampolines and upright trampolines. In-ground trampolines may currently be sold without a safety net, but these regulations will soon change. Given the small height of 23 cm, an inground trampoline without a safety net is relatively safe, but always be careful. An upright trampoline may not be sold without a safety net. This is because the fall height is too high and the safety of the child cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, never buy a trampoline from someone without a safety net. The safety nets of Etan trampolines have been tested to 5x the maximum permitted weight. Because of this, we can say with certainty that with a trampoline with enclosure from us no accidents can happen.
At Etan trampolines, we have two lines of trampolines: Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium. Each line responds to different needs. So you have a good Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline for a smaller budget. Would you like to go for quality and choose a high-quality trampoline that guarantees years of playing pleasure? Then choose an Etan Premium trampoline. Where the trampoline net of the Etan Hi-Flyer is attached to the inside of the trampoline padding, those of the Etan Premium are attached to the outside. Not only does this enlarge the jumping surface, but it also looks a lot slicker!