Trampoline with enclosure

Do you want to buy a trampoline for your children but you are afraid that they will get hurt and is safety one of your biggest priorities? Well at Etan Trampolines, we do not joke around when it comes to safety of our little jumpers. That is why we have tested our safety nets extensively and made sure nothing can happen with your children while they are playing on the trampoline. We guarantee the safety net will catch each fall. But there is more, because our Etan Premium trampolines have external safety nets, meaning they are attached on the outside of the safety pad, there is more room for jumping!

The Etan Premium line with a safety net is available in standard and deluxe. The standard safety net has straight poles where the deluxe safety net has curved poles and a thicker foam covering the poles.

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A rectangular trampoline with enclosure or another shape?

At Etan, we have a wide range of trampolines with safety net. For example, we have a rectangular trampoline with enclosure and a round trampoline with enclosure. Even for our in-ground models, we have examples including net. In short, at Etan we have all kinds of trampolines. So there is always a trampoline with enclosure to match your wishes and your garden. A rectangular trampoline with net is mainly used in city gardens because a rectangular trampoline uses less empty space compared to a round trampoline. An in-ground trampoline with enclosure is even safer. Because an in-ground trampoline is close to the ground, getting on and off is very easy.

A trampoline with net in various sizes

At Etan, we have more than 100 trampolines with enclosure in stock. Because of this, we have a suitable trampoline for every size and budget. Order your trampoline with a safety net today and your trampoline will be shipped immediately. In addition, you also benefit from free shipping. Want advice on buying a trampoline with net? Do not hesitate to contact us.