Trampoline in-ground

An inground trampoline is a trampoline that is meant to be buried. More and more people nowadays choose inground trampolines for safety reasons. The reason for this is that an inground trampoline is closer to the ground and therefore, makes it easier to, safely, step up and from the trampoline. Also, this trampoline has an altered safety pad that enables air to be optimally moved. To the edge of this safety pad, a mesh finish is attached. This mesh finish makes sure that toys or other items are not able to get under the trampoline.

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What kind of in-ground trampoline?

At Etan Trampolines you can choose between two types of inground trampolines, namely the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium. The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline is a safe trampoline at an advantageous price. This inground trampoline is available with or without a safety net with a green or grey trampoline safety pad. The Etan Premium Gold trampoline is a trampoline of European quality. With an Etan Premium in-ground trampoline you get quality, safety and a lot of fun in your garden! With these trampolines, we have the entire production in our own hands, so it is also possible to customize this trampoline. The Etan Premium trampoline padding also has a thicker trampoline padding than the other in-ground trampolines.

Buy your in-ground trampoline at Etan trampolines

Because of our wide range of in-ground trampolines, there is a suitable shape and size for everyone. Do you go for an in-ground trampoline rectangular or round? In addition, you can also choose from a green or grey trampoline safety pad. With an in-ground trampoline, the trampoline is always 20 cm above the ground. This height is necessary because air is moved while jumping and must be able to escape. With an Etan in-ground trampoline, a hole needs to be dug underneath the trampoline. The dimensions of the hole to be dug varies per trampoline and are also mentioned for each specific trampoline.

If you have any questions about a specific inground trampoline or if you want a custom made trampoline, you can simply contact with us.