How do I maintain my trampoline during the colder days?

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You can jump all year round, even with snow and wind! But with the colder months in sight, it’s a good idea to pay a little extra attention to maintaining your trampoline so that your jumping fun can last even longer.


How do I clean the trampoline?

You wipe the biggest dirt off the trampoline with a dustpan, after which you clean the trampoline with warm (not hot) water and a cleaning cloth. This ensures that moulds, stains or weather conditions do not cause permanent damage. Stains in the trampoline can be caused, for example, by pollen from trees, flowers and shrubs, bird droppings and water from prolonged rainstorms. You should not use cleaning products because they can damage the material of the trampoline. After this, it’s best to dry the trampoline.

While your cleaning, you can also do a check-up of your trampoline at the same time. Are all the parts still secure? Are the springs and rings still properly connected to the jumping mat? Checking your trampoline regularly prevents that damage will go unnoticed and it becoming more serious.


How do I protect the trampoline?

In the colder months, a lot of leaves, rain or even snow falls. You could dismantle the trampoline and put it away, but you don’t have to! With a trampoline protective cover, you can protect your trampoline from rain and dirt. This cover goes over the protective edge, the springs and the jumping cloth so that your entire trampoline is protected. In addition, the protective covers are UV-resistant. By using a protective cover your trampoline will last a lot longer!

There is a hole in the middle of the trampoline protective cover, so that there is no water accumulation. However, if there is a lot of snow or water on the cover, it is best to wipe it off, so that the springs do not stretch or wear out due to the weight. This is best done with a broom. Do not do this with a shovel, otherwise you can damage the trampoline jumping mat.

It is advisable not to leave the cover on the trampoline for longer than three weeks to prevent mold and damp spots.


How do I anchor the trampoline before a storm?

During the colder days you are more likely to have gusts of wind that can blow away your trampoline. With a trampoline anchoring set, you can ensure that this does not happen. The surface in which the pin is twisted is important for grip. The anchoring set in clay soil, for example, is firmer than in sandy soil.


How do I make small repairs to my trampoline?

If you discover a hole in your jumping mat when you check your trampoline, you can repair it yourself with the trampoline repair kit. Please note that the hole cannot be larger than a two euro coin to guarantee the safety of the jumper. When in doubt, you can always contact us and send us a picture of the hole. If you prefer your trampoline jumping mat to be repaired by a professional, you can go to the repair service page.

Do you have any questions or if would you like some more advice on the maintenance of your trampoline? Contact us by calling 0411748005 or sending an e-mail to .

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