Trampoline protective cover

A protective cover will not only keep your trampoline clean but will also lengthen the life of your trampoline. Available for a wide variety of trampolines in the colours transparent and grey. Our grey protective covers are made from high-quality German PVC and are UV-resistant. All weather covers have a small hole in the middle of the covers for water drainage purposes.

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With a trampoline cover you extend the lifespan of your trampoline

Did you know that you can easily protect a trampoline against different weather conditions? Rain, hail, you name it. You can easily protect a trampoline against these external influences with a trampoline protective cover. We offer trampoline covers in different colors, sizes and materials.

Types of trampoline covers

At Etan Trampolines we offer two types of trampoline covers. For example, we have made transparent protective covers from thick agricultural foil. This material is mainly used in growing vegetables. Nevertheless, this trampoline cover can very well be used to protect your trampoline against twigs, rain, hail and snow.

In addition, we also offer trampoline protection covers of a higher quality. These trampoline covers are only available in the colour grey and are made of high-quality extra-strong German PVC. This material is the same material used in the manufacturing process of the trampoline padding from the Etan Premium Gold line. These trampoline protective covers will extend the life of your trampoline considerably, depending on the frequency of use. In addition to the same advantages as the transparent trampoline weather cover, these high-quality protective covers also have a UV-resistant coating in the material. This way, your trampoline is also protected from the sun and will discolour less quickly.

With all Etan trampoline covers there is a hole in the middle of the cover. This ensures that water does not accumulate on the cover and can damage the trampoline.