Trampoline anchoring set

Anchor your standing or inground trampoline with the trampoline anchoring set of Etan Trampolines. With this set, your trampoline will stay in its place. Even during a heavy storm!

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Your trampoline always firmly on the ground

From rain to sunshine. The weather can change quickly, so you'd better be sure. Especially during days where it can be quite windy, there are strong gusts of wind. Do you have a trampoline with net ? Trampolines with a net catch more wind than trampolines without a safety net. For this reason, it may be wise to order a trampoline anchoring set. This anchoring set ensures that your trampoline with lashing straps is secured on the ground.

You do this as follows:
1. Pull the strap with plastic buckle closure over the toprail of the trampoline frame.
2. Then turn the anchor as deeply as possible into the ground and pull the strap around the handle.
3. Pass the end of the strap through the buckle closure to secure it. Pull the strap.

Make sure you don't pull the strap too tight. It does not need to be tensioned. However, it is not meant to be very loose. With the trampoline anchoring set you can be sure that your trampoline won't move, blow away or break down during the fiercest storms.