Trampoline cover, what is it exactly?

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When you buy a trampoline, you expect it to last for many years. Yet, you can sometimes be disappointed if you don’t maintain your trampoline properly. Because of the changing weather conditions, it is extra important that you take good care of your trampoline. An essential factor in this maintenance is the trampoline cover. And of course, we at Etan have the best trampoline covers for you!

The trampoline cover of Etan Trampolines extends the life span of your trampoline and is available for both the round in-ground trampolines and the rectangular trampolines. Make sure you always look at the right size for your trampoline. When you buy a cover that’s too big, the wind can get underneath it and this can lift your trampoline from its spot or blow it away.

There are two colours of protection covers: transparent and grey. Our grey trampoline cover is made of high-quality PVC and is UV-resistant. In addition, both protection covers will protect you against moisture, dirt and deposits during the dark days. All covers have a hole in the middle for aeration and to drain the water. It is possible that there is a lot of moisture in the ground or collects under your trampoline. This high humidity has a negative effect on the PVC (the material the trampoline safety pads are made of), Permatron, and the seams of your trampoline safety pads.

You attach the Etan trampoline cover by pulling the hooks over the top rail of the trampoline frame and securing them to the trampoline springs. Then close the flap of the cover and pull the cover tight. This way, the brackets remain protected against the weather. Sounds like an easy job, right?

But beware: if you leave the cover on too long, moisture can accumulate. This can cause the trampoline jumping mat to go mouldy, become brittle, and eventually tear. You can prevent this by removing the trampoline protection cover from the trampoline once every fortnight.

Finally, we have suitable answers to two frequently asked questions:

– What if snow falls and stays on my trampoline? Then sweep the snow away as soon as possible, otherwise, the weight on the cover is too high.

– My trampoline is regularly exposed to the sun, which trampoline cover is best to buy? Take our grey cover, which has a UV-resistant layer. This way, your trampoline is extra well protected.

Do you want more information about how to maintain your trampoline in the colder days? Check out our blogpost!

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