How do you clean trampoline safety pad?

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Cleaning your trampoline safety pad is a job that has to be done regularly to extend the life span of the pad. This is often overlooked and that is a good reason for us to explain to you how best to clean your safety pad. Not cleaning the safety pad can lead to a build-up of dirt, resulting in a shorter life span. The chance that the edging will eventually have to be replaced is much greater, an expense that every parent would rather postpone as long as possible.

The biggest mistake people make when cleaning your trampoline safety pad is to use all-purpose cleaner or cleaning products. Do not use this at all! I repeat: do not use this at all! By using all-purpose cleaner or detergents, the UV-resistant layer of the edge is affected. This layer ensures that the trampoline protection edge will not be hardened by the sun. It is therefore very important not to damage the UV-resistant layer. We advise you to use green soap or lukewarm water for cleaning.

Also, make sure you go for quality rather than convenience. Thoroughly cleaning the border once in a while will prevent you from having to do this job more often. So spend time and attention on cleaning. Do not forget to clean between the segments of the rim, as dirt often accumulates there. Do you want to do it right? After cleaning, dry thoroughly, especially between the segments, to prevent moisture from accumulating. If all of this is done carefully, you will maintain the quality of the trampoline safety pads.

Should you see bird droppings on your trampoline edge pads or trampoline jumping mat, make sure you clean it quickly. The bird droppings bring along acidity and this acidity affects the material considerably. This increases the chance of wear and tear (and eventually replacement)! So be alert and intervene in time.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient information on cleaning your safety pads. Do you still have questions or would you like some extra advice? Please contact us and our experts are ready to provide you with appropriate advice.

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