A trampoline jumping mat, why go for a Diamond System?

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Every child wants to jump the trampoline as smoothly and comfortably as possible. This is very important, especially if children want to jump extra high or do super cool tricks. The impact you get as a jumper when coming down can sometimes be considerable. Etan has the solution: go for a trampoline jumping mat with Etan’s unique Diamond System!

The Diamond System of Etan Trampolines is our unique triangle system. Where many brands use iron triangles to attach trampoline springs to the trampoline jumping pads, we chose to use plastic triangles. The commonly used iron triangles have some disadvantages. They are not frost-resistant and more sensitive to wear. Over time, the triangles can rust, stretch or even tear. In addition, the zinc coating can come off, exposing the iron to frost and increasing the risk of rust. Can you follow my explanation?

The triangles of the Diamond System are, as already mentioned, made of plastic. This makes them frost-resistant and they don’t break. With Etan’s Diamond System, you are guaranteed a smooth jump. The Diamond System ensures that not all springs are activated at the same time, but a fraction of a second after each other. This is due to the alternating round and oval openings in the triangles. This allows both a 20kg child and a woolly person to jump smoothly. For example: with a 14ft trampoline you don’t need to stretch 96 springs, but only 48 springs at once. The other 48 springs thus stretch a fraction later. This ensures a reduced impact, a smooth and controlled jump, and smiling faces! A positive change compared to trampoline jumping mats without the Diamond System if you ask us!

Etan’s Diamond System has included in the Etan Premium jumping mats as well as the Optiflow jumping mats. These come standard with the Etan Premium trampolines. Would you like to replace your trampoline jumping mat, but you don’t have an Etan Premium or Etan Ultraflat trampoline? Unfortunately, the Etan Premium jumping mat is not an option for you.

Is it still not completely clear what our Diamond System entails? Or do you have any other questions? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Our experts are ready for you with appropriate advice!

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