Trampoline net

A trampoline safety net is a component that protects you when you lose control or jump a little bit too high. When the net has run its course, it is smart to replace. At Etan Trampolines, we have safety nets for the Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium for both inground and standing trampolines, and also round and rectangular trampolines in the colors green and grey. Did your trampoline net rip but are the poles of the safety net still intact? Then we recommend buying the net only! Go to safety net spare parts.

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The types of safety nets of Etan Trampolines

At Etan Trampolines we have two lines of trampolines: the Etan Hi-Flyer and the Etan Premium Gold . These two lines are available with or without trampoline safety net. However, there are some differences between the attachment of these safety nets.

Etan Premium Gold external trampoline safety net

The safety net of the Etan Premium Gold trampolines is attached to the outside of the frame and to the trampoline springs. By attaching the trampoline safety net in this way, you increase the jumping and playing surface of the trampoline in contrast to the trampolines where the safety net is attached to the inside of the trampoline safety pad. In addition, in this way you maintain the shock-absorbing character of the trampoline safety pad .

The safety net of the Etan Hi-Flyer

The safety net of the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines is attached to the inside of the trampoline safety pad. It is strung to a sleeve that is attached to all Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline jumping mats . This way a closed environment is created on the inside of the trampoline. In this way, the playing children cannot reach the trampoline springs by any means. This means that safety is always paramount with the Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline safety nets.