Etan Hi-Flyer

A safe and payable trampoline. An Etan Hi-Flyer is the perfect trampoline for the starting jumper. The Hi-Flyer trampoline is available as a round or as a rectangular trampoline. If you are looking for an Etan Hi-Flyer inground trampoline or an Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline standing model, we guarantee years of jumping fun!

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The various Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines

At Etan, you will, of course, find all Etan-Hi Flyer trampolines. Of this series there are several models available, such as a trampoline with enclosure or an upright trampoline. Because of this, there is always an Etan Hi-flyer that meets your wishes. Besides different models, we also have different sizes. The Etan trampoline 06 combination with enclosure has a diameter of 183 cm. This makes this trampoline ideal for smaller gardens. The supplied safety net prevents the children from falling off the trampoline. This trampoline is also supplied with a ladder. This allows the kids to get on and off the trampoline safely. Besides upright trampolines, we also have Etan Hi-Flyer in-ground trampolines. These are available including and exclusive safety net.

Why an Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline?

The Etan Hi-Flyer has been known for years for its good value for money. You won't find the same quality for a lower price anywhere else. The trampoline padding of the Etan Hi-Flyer is particularly unique in their price range. The thickness of this trampoline padding provides good cushioning and is thicker compared to other trampoline providers.