Is trampolining bad for your joints?

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When you think of trampolining, you quickly think of children jumping in the fresh air and playing fun games. Yet trampolining is also a great workout! For example, half an hour of trampolining burns more calories than running. Depending on your body weight, trampolining burns 10 to 15 percent more calories than running. You didn’t think so, did you?

Trampolining also has many health benefits. Want to know more about these health benefits? Check out our other blog post. A question many people have when it comes to trampolining and health is whether trampolining is bad for your joints. We’re going to give you an answer to that question in this blog post!

The very simple answer to this question is: no, trampolining isn’t bad for your joints. On the contrary! When exercising on a hard surface, such as running and jumping, the spinal column, bones, and joints have a lot to endure. In the long run, this can cause severe pain and well-intentioned exercise can have negative effects.

Jumping on a trampoline reduces the impact on the spinal column and joints by up to 90 percent compared to exercise on hard surfaces! This way, you avoid unnecessary injuries and aches and train safely and with a lot of fun. Trampolines are therefore often used for the recovery process of athletes after operations or serious injuries. We understand that it can be nice to avoid the negative consequences of exercise. We, therefore, recommend trampolining! Besides, jumping on an in-ground trampoline or an upright trampoline makes no difference. Are you convinced yet? At least, we are!

So we can say that trampolining absolutely isn’t harmful to your joints, even stronger: it’s actually good for your joints! Besides, what’s more fun than doing a solid workout on your trampoline in the open air?

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