Which trampoline is the best?

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If you want to buy a trampoline, you have to make some important choices. One of those choices is whether you go for the cheapest or for quality. If you’re very budget-bound, the choice is of course easily made. Yet, with a smaller budget, you can also buy a good quality trampoline. Are you less budget-bound? Then, the choice is of course a bit wider and you’ll definitely have to look into the different types of trampolines. But which trampoline is actually the best?

Almost all trampolines nowadays are imported from Asia. This way, the European consumer can buy a relatively cheap trampoline. Yet, this is not always the right choice. The production of trampolines in Asia is mainly focused on production costs – these have to remain as low as possible so that they can also be sold cheaply. Unfortunately, the quality is very much neglected in the process. Of course, it’s not that Asian-made trampolines fall apart completely after jumping three times, but the quality is still a lot lower than that of European-made trampolines.

At Etan Trampolines, we sell one trampoline line produced in Asia, namely the Etan Hi-Flyer. This collection is known for its good price-quality ratio. The quality, as mentioned above, is not as good as with European-produced trampolines, but still, it’s a fine entry-level model for the novice jumper. The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline is available as a round trampoline or as a rectangular trampoline. They’re also available as inground trampolines and stand-up trampolines. So the choice is wide! Want to know more about the Etan Hi-Flyer line? Then check out this blog post!

If you’re looking for quality, you’ll soon end up with trampolines produced according to European production standards. Etan Trampolines produces two trampoline lines themselves, namely the Etan Premium and the Etan UltraFlat trampolines. In our own production facility in the heart of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the trampolines are made as safe as possible to guarantee the safety of every child while jumping.

The Etan Premium trampoline safety pads are made of extra strong German PVC and the foam comes from Italy. On top of that, the trampoline springs are Dutch made and the trampoline safety nets are attached externally. Sounds good right? We thought so too! The price of the Etan Premium trampolines is obviously higher than that of the Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines, but it’s worth every euro! The Etan Premium trampolines are perfect for parents with young children who want to let the kids jump all their youth! Just like the Etan Hi-Flyer line, these trampolines are available as round and rectangular trampolines and you also have the choice between an inground trampoline and an elevated trampoline. Want to know more about the Etan Premium line? Check out this blog post!

Are you a serious jumper? Then the Etan UltraFlat might be the trampoline for you! This trampoline line is also entirely made in our own production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Etan UltraFlat trampoline is a fully inground trampoline, or flatground trampoline, available as a rectangular trampoline and a square trampoline. This trampoline contains Etan QuickSpring springs for powerful jumps and an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat for optimal airflow. The price is impressive, but with this trampoline, you’ve got the crème de la crème of trampolines! Want to know more about our Etan UltraFlat trampolines? Check out this blog post!

Not sure yet which trampoline is right for you? Then our trampoline comparator can certainly help! It compares our three trampoline lines and lets you see the differences at a glance. Still haven’t decided after viewing our trampoline comparer? Then contact our customer service. They can provide you with expert and suitable advice!

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