Everything you need to know about the Etan Premium Trampoline

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An Etan Premium Gold trampoline in every garden!

Whether you want a rectangular trampoline or an in-ground trampoline. The Etan Premium Gold trampolines are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, with the Etan Premium trampoline, you can choose a Standard or Deluxe trampoline safety net. The difference lies in the shape of the poles. Where the standard poles are straight, the Deluxe poles are curved and fitted with thicker foam. Safety and luxury in 1!

Choose an Etan Premium trampoline, choose quality

Do you opt for safety, quality, and optimal jumping comfort? Then the Etan Premium Gold Trampoline is the trampoline for you. This high-end and high-quality trampoline is produced in Etan’s own factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where we produce according to European production standards so you can make the highest jumps. In addition, many extra adjustments have been made to make this trampoline as safe as possible. At Etan, we choose for safety! We are talking about your children here.

Etan Premium trampoline additional flap on the jumping mat

Product features that guarantee safety!

We have made our trampolines in such a way that the safety of every child can be guaranteed while jumping. Our trampoline protective pads are made of extra strong German PVC with a Uv-resistant layer and have an extra inner sleeve on the inside.

In addition, our premium jumping mats have an extra flap that lies over the trampoline springs. This flap in combination with the inner sleeve on the protective edge ensures that children’s hands or feet cannot reach the springs.

What colour will your new Etan Premium Gold come in?

Gardens vary enormously in size and style. From a rural garden full of greenery to urban gardens with a more modern look. That’s why our Etan Premium Gold Trampolines are available in green, anthracite grey, and black.

Experience has taught us that green trampolines are more often placed on a lawn where we see a grey and black trampoline more often in more modern looking gardens. All in all, it comes down to personal preference.

Etan Premium Diamond System

A smooth jump with Etan’s unique Diamond System

Why does your child like to jump on a trampoline so much? Do they want to be able to make high jumps? Or are they already practicing doing somersaults?

With Etan’s Diamond System you are guaranteed a smooth jump. The Diamond System ensures that not all springs are activated at the same time, but a fraction after each other. This means that on a 14ft trampoline, for example, you don’t have to stretch 96 springs but 48 springs at once. A reduced blow, a smoother jump, and smiling faces!

A quality product from Etan’s own factory in Bosnia

Where many trampolines are imported from the Far East, the Etan Premium Gold trampolines are produced in Europe. For example, the Etan Premium Gold padding is made of extra strong German PVC with a UV resistant layer, the padding foam comes from Italy and we obtain the Permatron for our trampoline jumping mats from Croatia.

All in all, the Etan Premium is a quality product produced in Bosnia according to European production standards. A trampoline for your entire childhood!

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