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When you think of trampoline jumping, you often think of doing cool tricks in the open air or playing fun games with your friends. Whether you have an inground trampoline or a stand-up trampoline, the fun is always there. Trampolining has been making a huge comeback in recent years. Especially last year, many parents bought a trampoline for their children to get through the hard times. This way, children could still play outside at home and get rid of their energy. But did you know that there are also scientifically proven health benefits to trampoline jumping? We highlight a few of them!

If you want to lose weight, trampolining is a good extra step. Besides paying attention to your diet, exercising is also very important. To really get that extra push, it is recommended to jump on the trampoline for 30 minutes every day. Trampolining burns even more calories than running! For example: with a bodyweight of 75kg, you’ll burn around 205 kcal by jumping the trampoline for 30 minutes, whereas you’ll burn around 175 kcal by running for 30 minutes. The difference seems small, but burning every extra kcal is a step closer to losing weight!

So as well as burning more calories than running, trampolining has another benefit over running. Running, jumping and other physical activity on a hard surface puts a lot of strain on the bones, spine, and joints. This can eventually lead to pain. Trampolining reduces the impact on the spine and joints by 90% compared to running. This ensures that trampolining is a very pleasant workout for your body.

Trampolining also strengthens your muscles. While jumping, your body activates energy and stimulates all your body parts. Thus, many muscle groups are activated and trained. Especially the core, trunk, and back muscles are strengthened. By training your back muscles intensively, back problems can be reduced.

Just three health benefits of trampolining. What are you waiting for? Kick-off your shoes and enjoy maximum jumping fun!

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