Safety aspects of the Etan Premium trampolines

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An Etan Premium trampoline is a self-produced top-of-the-line trampoline with an improved jumping experience. This trampoline is made with European-produced trampoline safety pads made of strong German PVC and double padding. It also has high-quality Dutch trampoline springs, a strong frame, an external trampoline safety net, and our unique Diamond System for powerful and controlled jumps. Sounds good right?

The Etan Premium is available in round and rectangular trampolines and both as an upright and inground trampoline. Because safety is Etan Trampolines’ number one priority, the Etan Premium trampolines are produced with several extra safety features. Let’s take a closer look to make things clear.

Within all trampoline components of the Etan Premium trampolines, we try to make improvements to guarantee safety at all times. For example, there is an extra inner sleeve on the inside of the trampoline safety pads, which makes the safety pads fit better to the jumping mat. In addition, we have attached an extra flap to the trampoline jumping mat. This is on the outside of the mat. This flap lies over the springs and thus covers a large part. The extra flap of the bouncing mat in combination with the inner sleeve of the protective edge ensures that children’s hands and feet have no possibility to come into contact with the trampoline springs.

The trampoline safety pads of the Etan Premium line also contain an Envelope System. This means that you can take out the pieces of foam at the seams when you fold the protective pads. If you want to attach the safety pads to the trampoline, you can push the foam back into the safety pads, so the whole safety pads are covered with foam. For safety pads without this system, there is no foam under the seams.

The Etan Premium trampoline safety nets are attached to the outside of the trampoline frame. Other trampoline brands do this differently and attach the safety net to the inside of the safety pads or over the protective edge. Because of this, however, it often happens that the little jumpers will stand on the net and thus damage the safety net and the protective edge. In addition, the jumping surface of the trampoline is much smaller and that is, of course, a waste of space.

With Etan Premium trampolines, the safety net is attached to the outside, around the top rail of the trampoline frame. This way, you preserve space on the protective trampoline rim and you don’t destroy the net. The safety nets of our Etan Premium line are tested to 500 kg. This was done by letting a concrete ball of this weight slowly hit the jumping mat.

We hope this has given you a good impression of all safety aspects of our Etan Premium trampolines. Would you like to know more? Then check out our website. Do you have any questions about our homemade trampoline line? Then get in touch with our customer service. They will provide you with an expert answer.

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