The best trampoline games of your jumping summer!

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Summer is approaching and so the children can go trampolining, hopefully with warm and dry weather. We understand that hours of jumping up and down can get boring and that somersaults and other cool tricks are not for every child. That’s why we thought it was a good idea to come up with some cool trampoline games for you! In this blogpost we’ll be naming no less than four trampoline games with which every child can enjoy his summer. So invite your friends, because you’ll definitely want to try these games!


For a change from jumping, you and your friends can play an adventurous pirate game on the trampoline! Let those sealegs jump and dodge the mighty kraken!

Get all the pirates into the water!

The game consists of pirates and a kraken. Can you get all the pirates into the water? The pirates move on the ship (the trampoline) to escape from the kraken. The kraken crawls over the trampoline and can grab the pirates by the legs with his tentacles (arms). The pirates that are caught turn into a kraken to help catch the other pirates until no one is left!

Equipment needed: Nothing
Type of trampoline: All trampoline types, recommended trampoline size 10ft – 305cm or bigger
Age category: 6+
Players Min. 4

The best trampoline games of your jumping summer!


Looking for a new game for your trampoline? Combine it with a football and fire some balls at your opponent’s goal!

Protect your goal from flying fireballs!

This game can be played in different ways:
– on a trampoline with a net
– on a trampoline without a net
– as a football
– as handball

Do you have a trampoline with a net? Then choose two poles per player between which your goal will be. Are there two of you? Then you have two goals. If you have more than two players you can choose to have more than two goals or to create teams for the two goals.

Do you have a trampoline without a net? Create a goal outside the trampoline and fire some balls! Choose where you place the goal and how high it goes. This also depends on the height of your trampoline!

Equipment needed: Balls, possibly supplies to make your own goal
Type of trampoline: All trampoline types
Age category: 6+
Players Min. 2


Do you have more than one friend who also wants to jump on the trampoline? Then this game might be for you!

Jump high and catch the ball from your opponents!

For this game, one player has to stand on the trampoline and the other players (minimum two) have to stand on other sides of the trampoline. After this, you try to throw the ball from player to player without the player on the trampoline catching it. Do you catch the ball on the trampoline? Then you swap places with the player who threw the ball outside the trampoline. The players standing around the trampoline are allowed to run around the trampoline, but be careful, because the player on the trampoline can make jumps to catch the ball!

Equipment: A ball
Type of trampoline: Inground trampoline without a net
Age category: 6+
Players Min. 3



Do you like blowing bubbles almost as much as trampolining? Then take a good look at this game!

Are you the fastest in breaking all the bubbles?

There are two teams in this game: the Blazers and the Crushers. The Blazers blow as many bubbles as possible with your bubble blowing machine. The other team, the Crushers, must break all the bubbles as quickly as possible. But watch out! Some bubbles go up very quickly! Jump and don’t let any escape!

Requisites: Bubble-blow
Type of trampoline: All trampoline types
Age category: 3+
Players Min. 2

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