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You have a nice-looking standing trampoline in the garden, the children are very happy with the and you are glad you made them happy. In short, a great purchase.

Anchor set

Your trampoline is probably fixed in the ground with simple pegs, but these pegs are easily pulled out the ground by a gust of wind. That is why it is important to anchor your trampoline with an Etan trampoline anchor set. This way, you can prevent your trampoline from blowing away. It also avoids frequent accidents caused by flying trampolines. Just take a look at the video below.

Source: Dumpert

With an Etan trampoline anchor set, you can avoid all these problems and you know that your trampoline will stay in place. The anchors have a length of 36 centimeters, deep enough to keep your trampoline in place, even during the greatest storms. Additionally, the anchors are equipped with a handle that allows you to turn the anchors in the ground.

Trampoline on floor tiles

A trampoline anchor set is, of course, less practical when the trampoline is standing on tiles. You will have a hard time getting the anchors into the ground. In that case, you could also create your own anchor set as shown in the picture. However, we don’t guarantee that this works. With an inground trampoline, you obviously won’t need an anchor set.

Extra safety

In addition to using an anchor set, it is recommended to disassemble and store your trampoline safety pad every year. This will extend the lifespan of the safety pad and will decrease the chance that the trampoline safety pad will come loose during stormy weather. Side note: If your children decide to use the trampoline during cold weather, please make sure that you attach the safety pad to the trampoline to prevent any accidents.

Is a storm coming? Leave your trampoline up during storms and have your trampoline secured with Etan’s trampoline anchor set.

anchoring set manual

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