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Every child wants to jump the trampoline as smoothly as possible. It is therefore no secret that a trampoline jumping mat, next to the trampoline springs, is essential for the quality of the jump. Because of frequent jumping and exposure to the sun, it could be that the jumping mat has become a bit dull and doesn’t jump very smoothly anymore. A good solution is to buy a replacement jumping mat. This way, children can experience the same jumps as with a brand new trampoline in no time. Etan wouldn’t be Etan if we didn’t have a suitable jumping mat for that.

A few weeks ago, Etan Trampolines added a new trampoline jumping mat to its product range: the Etan OptiFlow! These trampoline jumping mats are a replacement for the Etan Premium jumping mats but are certainly not comparable with them. Normally, jumping mats are made of Permatron, a woven synthetic material. Also, the standard jumping mats are hardly breathable and not stretchable.

The Etan OptiFlow line, on the other hand, is made of PVC with an open structure. This allows the air to move freely through the jumping mat and prevents a dull jump. Besides the optimal airflow, these jumping mats also have a UV-resistant layer. This protects your jumping mat against harmful UV radiation from the sun. This UV-resistant layer has been tested for years in a lab by shining various UV lamps on it. The children’s feet will therefore not get very hot and the lifespan of the mat is extended. This is why we can confidently give a six-year guarantee on these jumping mats! Sounds good right?

In addition, the OptiFlow jumping mat has Etan’s unique Diamond System. This system replaces the iron triangles, to which the trampoline springs are attached, with plastic triangles. Rustproof, frost-resistant, and a smooth jump thanks to the alternating openings in the triangle, which ensure that the jumper activates the springs alternately.

Although the Etan OptiFlow jumping mats are suitable for all Etan Premium trampolines, you’ll have the best jumping experience with the Etan Premium inground trampolines when using this jumping mat. The jumping mats are standard in all Etan UltraFlat trampolines, so this mat is suitable for that line too! However, these jumping mats are not suitable for the Etan Hi-Flyer line. Do you notice that your Etan Premium trampoline doesn’t always jump great? Then an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat might be the solution for you!

Have you become interested and want to see more of Etan OptiFlow? Then check out our site! Would you like more information about Etan OptiFlow jumping mats or do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They can provide you with an appropriate answer to any question.

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