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The Etan Premium trampoline jumping mats are made with the Diamond System

The trampoline jumping mats used in the Etan Premium trampolines are equipped with Etan’s unique Diamond System. This system has replaced the classic iron triangles with plastic triangles. The openings in these plastic triangles have alternating large and small openings. In this way, the first half of the springs are loaded and only then the other half. In this way, even the smallest jumpers can make the smoothest jumps. On the frequently asked questions page you can read more about Etan’s unique diamond system.

What should I pay attention to when jumping on my trampoline jumping mat?

When jumping on your trampoline mat, make sure you take off your shoes. The sharp points on the heels of your shoes can leave small cracks or holes in the mat. This can cause the mat to tear in the long run. You also have to be careful with fireworks, the cinders can make small holes in the surface of the trampoline jumping mat, which can eventually tear open.

What are trampoline jumping mats made of?

A trampoline jumping mat is one of the essential components of a trampoline. You jump on it. These jumping mats are made of Permatron, a material that is mainly used to make trampoline jumping mats. This material is lightweight and strong. Depending on the braiding technique, it is determined whether the Permatron is air permeable or not. For example, the Etan Ultraflat trampoline haves jumping mats that have an open structure. These OptiFlow jumping mats stimulate airflow and ensure higher smoother jumps.

Frequently asked questions about

Trampoline jumping mats

Trampoline jumping mats come in many different types, sizes, and qualities. Would you like to know which new trampoline jumping mat you need? Then you first need to know the following 3 things about your trampoline. 1. The diameter of the trampoline frame, the outer size. 2. Then count the number of trampoline springs accurately. 3. Determine the size of the spring, by removing the spring from the trampoline and measuring the spring from hook to hook. As soon as you have determined these three things you can enter them in the filter function. This will then show you the trampoline jumping mat you need. You can't quite get out now, can you? Then please contact our customer service.
A trampoline jumping mat can last a long time. However, there is a big difference between the more expensive and cheaper models. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize when your trampoline jumping mat needs to be replaced or if it can still be replaced. Is there a hole in it that is smaller than a two-euro coin? This can often still be repaired. As soon as there are several holes in it, it is time to replace the mat to ensure safety. A crack in the jumping mat can often still be repaired if it is not too big. Do you doubt whether your jumping mat can still be repaired? Fill in the repair form on the website and our expert will be happy to help you.
It is very important that you buy the right trampoline jumping mat to maintain and often even improve the jumping comfort of your trampoline. You can order an Etan Trampoline jumping mat through one of our partners. These can be found via our Dealer Locator. You can also easily order a new trampoline jumping mat through our shop.
Do you have a small hole in your trampoline jumping mat? When we speak of a small hole then these are holes up to the size of a 2 euro coin. These are easy to repair yourself with a trampoline repair kit. Always work on the underside of the jumping mat and remove the mat from the trampoline before repairing! To repair your trampoline jumping mat yourself you can use the manual provided or follow the next steps. 1. Cut the piece of the jumping mat to size to the hole of the trampoline jumping mat. 2. Then stitch the sides of the new jumping mat securely in place. 3. Topstitch a cross over the new jumping mat. The mat is now ready for use again. Have fun jumping!