The five craziest questions about trampoline jumping!

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If you’re planning on buying a trampoline, it’s only logical that you’ll have some questions. We often get the question of what the difference is between an inground trampoline and a flatground trampoline, but also what the difference is between our Etan Premium and Etan Hi-Flyer lines. Still, sometimes there are some really crazy questions. In this blog post, we address the five craziest questions about trampolining!

One crazy question we often get is whether trampolining helps burn belly fat. And even though this may seem like a crazy question at first, it’s not! Trampolining is in fact a very good workout on your way to losing weight. Trampolining burns more calories than running. Small comparison: you are a person with a bodyweight of 75 kg. Running for half an hour will burn you an average of 175 kcal while trampolining for half an hour will burn you 205 kcal. This difference seems minimal, but burning every extra kcal is a step closer to losing weight and therefore also burning belly fat. So throw those running shoes back in the closet and get on that trampoline!

Another crazy question we often get is whether trampolining makes you taller. A simple answer to this question is: no, trampolining doesn’t make you any taller! Trampolining is good for muscles, joints, and bones. While jumping, your body activates energy and this stimulates all parts of your body. Many muscle groups are activated and trained. Especially the core, trunk, and back muscles are strengthened. Because you are jumping on a flexible surface, your muscles and bones are not hit when you hit the ground. This is in contrast to a run, where your muscles and bones get a blow at every contact with the round. All in all, trampolining is very good for your muscles, joints, and bones, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make a difference in your height.

Many households have very cute pets, but are they allowed on the trampoline? Eventually, this is entirely your own choice, but we strongly advise against it. The sharp nails of most pets can cause damage to the trampoline jumping mat and trampoline safety pad. Repairing or replacing these trampoline spare parts can be an expensive joke, so pay attention before you want to do somersaults with your four-legged friend.

Trampolining is becoming increasingly safe. These days, it is compulsory to purchase a trampoline with a safety net. This, fortunately, reduces the chance of serious accidents. Yet it can always happen that you fall on the wrong side of a trampoline. A crazy, but also very logical question is whether or not jumping the trampoline can cause a concussion. Let’s say first of all that you can’t get a concussion from trampoline jumping itself. We do understand that this is a common thought, as you change height at a considerable speed. However, the only way to get a concussion while trampolining is by having a big fall. As mentioned before, trampoline jumping is becoming safer and safer, and violent accidents will certainly be limited. But still, be careful and don’t do too many crazy things or tricks you’re not very good at yet. If you want to practice cool tricks, always do so under supervision.

The last question we’re going to deal with in this blog post is whether trampolining affects your sense of balance. This is not the case, on the contrary – trampolining is actually good for your sense of balance. Because you’re constantly looking for balance, you train your organ of balance with every jump you make. Tip from Etan: jump a lot! 😉

With this blog post, we hope to have shed some light on some of the crazy questions that are being asked. If you have any more questions about trampolines or trampoline jumping – feel free to contact our customer service!

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