What should you pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

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Do you have plans to buy a trampoline, but don’t know where to start looking? That’s not a bad thing! Nowadays, trampolines are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes – something that doesn’t make the choice any easier for consumers. Before you start looking, it’s useful to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. In this blog post, we’ll try to help you determine the ideal trampoline for you!

Do I go for an upright trampoline, or do I prefer an in-ground trampoline?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you’d rather have an upright trampoline or an inground trampoline. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. So you can always move an upstanding trampoline if you want to, and an in-ground trampoline will always be in the same spot.

The advantage of an inground trampoline is that the children don’t need to climb the trampoline via a trampoline ladder. Despite the fact that the number of accidents with the use of a ladder is nil, we can understand that with younger children it’s still safer to go for an in-ground trampoline.

To the eye, an inground trampoline also looks a bit tighter in the garden. An in-ground trampoline often isn’t higher than two meters – this is the height of the trampoline plus the trampoline safety net. With an upright trampoline, the height can quickly increase to two meters and seventy centimeters.

Are you opting for an upright trampoline? Then you have a choice of two lines at Etan Trampolines: Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium.

What size trampoline do I want?

Once you’ve decided to go for an inground or standing trampoline, it’s important to know which size trampoline fits your garden. This is a matter of measuring. The advice is to have two meters of free space on the outside of your trampoline. So don’t try to stuff a trampoline in a corner, but take the space to guarantee the safety of the jumper.

A choice you’ll have to make is whether you want a round or a rectangular trampoline. With a round trampoline, the ideal jumping point lies in the middle. So with every jump, you’re drawn to the center. This central jumping point is fine if you want to jump quietly on your own.

With a rectangular trampoline, you have the launch effect. This is because the trampoline springs are not directed to one point. So you’ll notice that if you jump on one side of the trampoline, you’ll be launched to the other side. This might sound hefty, but in practice, it’s not that bad. Safety first, of course!

The most common round sizes are trampoline 08ft, trampoline 10ft, trampoline 12ft, and trampoline 14ft. The most popular sizes for a rectangular trampoline are trampoline 0965ft, trampoline 1075ft, and trampoline 1259ft.

Do I go for an in-ground trampoline or a flatground trampoline?

If you’ve opted for an inground trampoline, there’s still an important decision to make – namely whether you want an in-ground trampoline or a flatground trampoline. The difference is actually quite simple. The trampoline frame of an inground trampoline is placed on the edge of your dugout, while the frame of the flatground trampoline is placed inside the pit. This means that an inground trampoline rises about thirty centimeters above ground level, while a flatground trampoline is completely level with ground level.

With the purchase of an inground trampoline, a trampoline safety net is nowadays mandatory. We offer the flatground trampolines without a trampoline safety net.

At Etan Trampolines, we have two lines for the inground trampolines: Etan Hi-Flyer and Etan Premium. For the flatground trampolines, we have two other lines: Etan UltraFlat and Etan PremiumFlat. The Etan UltraFlat trampolines are specially made for the advanced jumper who wants to practice cool tricks, while the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines are made for the whole family, from young to older children, everyone can jump on them smoothly.

After making all these choices, we’re convinced your search has become a lot easier! Should you still have additional questions about purchasing a trampoline or about one of Etan’s trampoline lines? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service!

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