What types of wear are there on trampolines?

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When you buy a trampoline, of course, you hope it will last for years. Despite the fact that our trampolines, like the Etan Premium, Etan Hi-Flyer, and Etan UltraFlat, are of high quality, sometimes a trampoline part can break down unexpectedly. Not ideal, but sometimes solvable. Of course, replacing a trampoline part is always an option as well! Today, we’re going to take you to several types of wear on trampolines.

The most common wear is a hole or cracks in your trampoline jumping mat. Whether it’s caused by regular use, overloading, the weather, or a sharp object, your trampoline jumping mat can always wear out. A good tip is to never exceed the maximum user weight. In addition, a trampoline protective cover is ideal to protect your trampoline jumping mat against severe weather conditions – although you should always leave it on your trampoline for a maximum of two weeks to prevent it from going moldy!

When there is a hole in your trampoline jumping mat, of course, you don’t want it to get bigger and eventually tear. So be wise and check your trampoline regularly for wear and tear. Also, stop using the trampoline immediately if you notice a hole (or crack). We don’t want any unnecessary accidents!

In case of a hole in your trampoline jumping mat, you can do two things: repair or replace. If the hole is no bigger than a two-euro coin, you can repair it yourself by buying a trampoline repair kit. This contains a piece of permatron, a needle, and thread. Do you want to know exactly how you can repair your trampoline with the trampoline repair kit? Then take a look at this blog. Is the hole bigger than a two-euro coin? Then a replacement is the best option. At Etan, we have very nice and qualitative replacement trampoline mats in our range with the Etan Xchange trampoline jumping mats.

Besides the trampoline jumping mat, the trampoline safety pad is another component that can wear out. The safety pad can tear or discolor. When entering the trampoline, you always come in contact with the trampoline safety pad, and it is therefore not surprising that they will wear out in the course of time. The discoloration of your trampoline safety pad is caused by UV radiation. Most trampoline pads are developed to resist this radiation, but still, the UV radiation over the years certainly has an effect on the discoloration of your pads. Our Etan Premium safety pads are very well protected against UV radiation, which makes discoloration unique.

Do you have questions about your broken trampoline jumping mat or trampoline safety pads? Contact our customer service for appropriate advice. Of course, you can always contact us with other questions as well!

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