Trampolining is a really good resolution!

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The new year has started which means that many people started with their new year resolutions. The most commonly mentioned resolutions are losing weight, getting fit, work out more and eat healthier.

So, we massively go to the gym, which most of us don’t even like, really. That’s why we want to remind you that living healthy and exercise regularly doesn’t have to be boring, it can be a lot of fun!

With a trampoline in your garden, you can achieve your goals without dragging yourself to an overcrowded gym. Matter of fact, you burn a lot of calories when you jump on the trampoline. On average about 83 calories per 10 minutes (an adult that weighs 75 kilos).

Down below you will find five reasons why it is better to go trampolining if you want to lose weight or want to be fit. No more excuses not to go jumping!

  1. Burn calories!

If you can maintain a jumping session of 19 minutes you will burn about 8.3 calories per minute as a woman. In these 19 minutes, you will burn as many calories as cycling for 22,5 kilometers or running 1,6 kilometers in 10 minutes. In short, if you manage to jump on the trampoline for one hour, you’ll burn approximately 498 calories! Oh yeah!

  1. Trampolining just for kids?

No way! This sport is being practiced by adults, more and more. This is mainly because the benefits of trampolining are more known by more people. There are even trampoline halls where children are not allowed. This way, you can make your jumps without accidentally knocking over the little ones.

  1. Work out? It doesn’t feel like it!

Trampolining just doesn’t feel like a workout, because you have fun jumping! Maybe you will get some sore legs after a while, but that’s it. A lot of people find the work out especially appealing because it targets the ‘problem areas’ without you having to put a lot of effort into it. When you are bouncing you will feel as light as a feather, and this is associated with fun.

  1. It’s just a HIT!

At many gyms nowadays you can attend fitness trampoline classes. So, you don’t always have to go to a trampoline hall for your work out. Google for a gym near you that offers this and give it a chance!

  1. Balance is key

When you come down on the trampoline you are immediately processing HOW you land on the trampoline. This is very helpful for improving your balance. Of course, it’s not good to jump sky high right away, this way you could hurt yourself. Aren’t you an experienced jumper yet? And don’t you know how and what to do? Then just watch some videos on YouTube. Always start with some small jumps, then you can try to jump higher. After a while, the sky is the limit!

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