When do I replace my safety pad?

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If you buy a trampoline, of course you’re going to jump on it. That’s what it’s meant for, of course, so why hold back? Naturally, it is logical that certain parts wear out and need to be replaced at some point.

When you step on a trampoline, you always come into contact with the safety pad. In addition, the safety pad constantly comes into contact with the frame and the springs when you jump. You can imagine that a trampoline safety pad, in course of time, will get wear spots. In case of regular use – read: regular jumping during the season – replace the trampoline safety pad every 2 to 3 years, depending on the quality of the trampoline parts. There are different kinds of trampoline safety pads, and that’s why it differs how fast a trampoline safety pad wears out. Do you want to go for quality? The Etan Premium safety pads last 5 to 7 years.

Keep a close eye on whether the springs have not caused too much damage to the safety pad over time. The padding in the protective edge can have so much wear that it no longer protects the jumper against the hard parts under the protective edge. If you then land on the trampoline too roughly or clumsily, you can hurt yourself.

How do I choose a replacement trampoline safety pad?

To choose the right trampoline safety pad, you need to measure the following things carefully:
1. Measure the outside measurements of the trampoline
2. Measure the length of the springs (stretched on the trampoline)
Take into account an overlap of approximately 5-8 centimetres between the trampoline safety pad and the jumping mat.
3. Calculate how wide your border should be to cover the springs and jumping mat.

If the border is too narrow, the springs will protrude under the pad. When you jump, the springs stretch, so the protective pad should fall well over the springs.

Do you have questions about your Etan trampoline safety pad? Contact us for expert advice.

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