Do I need to replace my jumping mat?

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Every so often, it is wise to replace the jumping mat of your trampoline. This is because it wears out, especially if your children use it intensively. A reason for replacement can of course also be that there is just a hole in it or something like that. Especially at the turn of the year, there is a chance of small holes in your jumping mat. Always check this!

In the case of a small hole (no bigger than a 2 euro coin) we can simply repair the mat. But if the defect is larger than that, we advise you to buy a new jumping mat anyway.

What should you pay attention to when buying a new trampoline jumping mat?

Step 1: Measure the (frame) diameter of the trampoline. This is the distance from the steel frame to the steel frame on the other side. So you should not only measure the jumping mat. Based on this, you can select a trampoline mat that fits these dimensions.
Step 2: Count the springs of the trampoline. When you count the exact number of springs, you know for sure that you are choosing the right jumping mat.
Step 3: Measure the length of an unstretched spring. Do you also need (some) new springs? Then order springs that are (approximately) the same length for the best chance of success.

If you order a new jumping mat for your trampoline, it is advisable to order a spring tensioner as well. This immediately makes it easier to attach the springs. It is also advisable to use a spring tensioner when disassembling the old mat.


If you have any other questions about replacing the jumping mat for your Etan trampoline, feel free to contact us.

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