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Jumping on high quality, in Europe produced trampoline? It is possible with the trampolines from Etan! Etan Trampolines has its factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where all Etan trampoline collections will be produced from next season. With this factory in Bosnia, Etan strives for a better future for its employees and for sustainability. Etan is therefore proud to announce that the factory received the certificate ‘Excellent production location’.

Certificate of an excellent production facility

For the 3rd year in a row, Etan’s factory has been proclaimed an excellent production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This means that with an A+, Etan belongs to the small group of companies with the best rating in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the production sector. In addition, Etan meets all the criteria and is at the absolute top of creditworthiness. All the more reason to go for an Etan trampoline!



Why a factory in Europe?

The desire to implement product innovations in the short term, as well as qualitative working and living conditions for employees, was strong. Establishing Etan’s own factory created jobs in which Dutch social aspects are included. The employees in the factory work regular hours, are guaranteed their salary, receive holiday allowance and vacation days, and have the opportunity to develop through education.

Besides the social aspect, Etan’s focus is also on sustainability and European production. The trampolines are made of solely European materials, according to European standards. This does not only result in higher quality trampolines, but also in longer warranty periods. By doing so, Etan strives to combat mass consumption within the industry and thus shift the focus to top-quality products.

From a piece of steel to a complete trampoline

In the meantime, the production site has grown significantly. In the beginning, the factory only produced certain components of trampolines, but educational opportunities were soon offered to the employees so that other components could also be produced. From there, complete trampolines were produced at a certain point. A new trampoline is designed at the office in the Netherlands, and in close cooperation with colleagues in Bosnia, the trampoline is further innovated and extensively tested. Etan is currently developing a new trampoline, ensuring that all trampoline collections are fully produced in Europe and from European materials.

Will you make the difference together with Etan?

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