You can buy a trampoline with or without a trampoline safety net. However, this no longer applies to all models. From now on, an upright trampoline is only sold with a safety net. Since 1 January, the in-ground trampolines, the models that protrude 20cm above the ground, have been added.

  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 198 x 198 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 198 x 294 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 294 x 294 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 294 x 366 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline square 366 x 366 cm black

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  • Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular 366 x 414 cm black

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Trampoline without safety net, which options are there?

When you’re looking for a trampoline without safety net, you’ll soon end up with a level trampoline. These are also called ground level trampolines, flatground trampolines, flat to the ground trampolines, or flat-level trampolines. At Etan, these trampolines are called UltraFlat, because they simply can’t go any lower. Many names, but the idea remains the same. The trampoline is fully inground, at ground level. Where inground trampolines protrude about 23 cm above the ground, UltraFlat trampolines don’t. The Etan UltraFlat trampolines are perfect if you’re a real serious trampoline jumper. Do you like to do tricks, make the highest jumps and just go as fast as possible? Then an Etan UltraFlat trampoline is the perfect trampoline. Next to it, there’s the Etan PremiumFlat in the assortment of Etan trampolines. A round or rectangular trampoline that’s fully inground. Available with or without a safety net.

Trampoline without net, in-ground or UltraFlat

Until now, consumers had the possibility to buy an in-ground trampoline without a safety net. This is often chosen in order to keep the view in your garden and not to fill it up with a giant trampoline with a safety net attached to it as well. However, this is no longer allowed by European legislation. For this and many other reasons, the Etan UltraFlat and Etan PremiumFlat were developed. Both trampolines are dug in at ground level and are available without a net.

Trampoline without safety net, why a safety net?

Without a safety net is still a common choice in the trampoline world. However, there are definitely benefits to the trampoline safety net that should not be ignored. First of all, the safety nets are made and tested in such a way that you can jump into the net without worrying about injuring yourself or falling off the trampoline. A safety net breaks every fall. Especially when you want to try out a new trick, it often happens that it doesn’t go quite right. You fall, don’t land properly or you simply lose control. At such times, a safety net is a solution.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities you have concerning trampolines without a safety net? Then contact our customer service.

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