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Etan PremiumFlat trampoline rectangular 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – grey


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A Flatground trampoline of European quality

The Etan PremiumFlat trampoline 281 x 201 cm / 0965ft in the color grey is a European quality flatground trampoline with the features of the well-known Etan Premium trampolines. This trampoline is fully dug in at ground level and is therefore level with the surface. This trampoline is placed in the hole instead of on top of it. The 281 x 201 cm / 0965ft trampoline is the smallest size of the rectangular trampolines.

Just like the entire Etan Premium trampoline line, the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines are produced in Europe. European materials, European production standards, and even more important European quality! The trampoline springs come from the Netherlands and the PVC, the material our trampoline pads are made of, comes from Germany. The tight grey trampoline safety pads and the look of a ground-level trampoline ensure your garden will be transformed into a true jumping paradise. With this Etan Premium Flat trampoline 281 x 201 cm / 0965ft grey, you will have years of jumping fun!

Etan PremiumFlat trampoline rectangular 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – grey

Trampoline safety pads in modern grey PVC

The trampoline safety pads are the part, next to the trampoline jumping mat, that suffers the most during jumping. For that reason alone, trampoline safety pads should last a long time and be able to withstand all circumstances. That’s why we have chosen extra-strong German PVC. The trampoline pads of the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines are also made of this German PVC.

The trampoline pads of the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines are also available in the colors green and black. These colors will ensure a modern and tight look in every garden – something for the eye!

An OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat for optimal airflow

When you jump the trampoline, you push away a lot of air – you don’t notice this with an upright trampoline. With a trampoline that is fully dug in at ground level, this is important. Because you get a dull jump when the air can’t move well. This is why all Etan PremiumFlat trampolines, just like the Etan UltraFlat trampolines, contain an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat. Thanks to the open weave structure of this trampoline jumping mat, the air from underneath the trampoline can easily disappear through the trampoline jumping mat.

Etan’s unique Diamond System

All Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mats contain Etan’s unique Diamond System. The openings in the triangles where the springs are attached are alternately round and oval. Because of this alternation, every child, regardless of body weight and age, can jump smoothly and make high jumps. Due to the alternation of the openings, the springs attached to the oval openings are stretched first, followed a fraction of a second by the round openings. So a child weighing 30 kg does not suddenly have to stretch 52 springs, but only 26. Ideal, right?

Etan PremiumFlat trampoline rectangular 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – grey

Additional information

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 180 × 62 × 63 cm
Number of pegs


Number of springs


Recommended age


Size of the hole to be excavated (cm)

230 x 150 x 40 cm

Warranty on other parts

3 years

Warranty safety pads

5 years

Jumping mat warranty

6 years

Warranty trampoline frame

at registration 15 years, otherwise 10

Made in


Estimated installation time




Frame material

Galvanized steel

Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron

Jumping mat material

German PVC

Maximum user weight (kg)

Etan PremiumFlat




Etan d.o.o.

Trampoline shape


Width and thickness safety pad

340 x 30 cm

Length of springs (mm)


Trampoline size

281 x 201 cm

Size of cushion

281 x 201 cm

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