How do you anchor down a trampoline?

It’s autumn/winter and you have a trampoline in the garden. Naturally, you want it to stay put during a storm instead of flying away and causing all kinds of damage. Anchor your trampoline with trampoline ground anchors!

What is the best way to anchor a trampoline?

The best way to anchor a trampoline is with trampoline ground anchors or a trampoline anchor kit. Read below for a step to step guide.

  1. Pull the strap with the buckle over the toprail of the frame.
  2. Twist the ground anchors into the ground and pull the strap around the handle, twisting the anchors as far into the ground as possible.
  3. Pull the end of the strap through the buckle to secure it. Tighten the strap. Note: Do not over-tighten the strap, it does not need to be tensioned but should not hang too loosely either.

By anchoring your trampoline with an anchoring set or ground anchors, the trampoline is prepared for storms and will stay neatly in your backyard!

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