Our mission

Our mission

Etan Trampolines was founded in 1988. With years of experience comes dedication. We dedicate ourselves to providing more. More safety, more quality, and more fun. Our mission is to make the safest high-end trampolines that bring joy to every family. 


More Fun

Playing is at the heart of our organization. Even our days at the office involve jumping on trampolines. We want our customers to experience immense joy, happiness and pure fun whilst using our trampolines.


Ultimate Safety and Quality

For us, safety is essential. We do not compensate when it comes to safety and make sure that we provide high quality products to our customers. Quality check, safety check, quality check and one more safety check.


Building a Better Future

We deeply believe in our responsibility to society. We respect our customers and the environment by building safe, long-lasting products from durable materials. By producing in Bosnia and Herzegovina we try to contribute to those in need, and in our own way encourage economic equality.


Meet our Team

  • Ari Verhoeven
    Ari Verhoeven CEO
  • Nicolette Flos
    Nicolette Flos Finance
  • Nena van den Bongaardt
    Nena van den Bongaardt Office manager
  • Luuk Uppenkamp
    Luuk Uppenkamp Marketing Manager
  • Jordi Bouwman
    Jordi Bouwman Warehouse
  • Frédéric Peters
    Frédéric Peters Customer Service France
  • Heike Janssen
    Heike Janssen Customer service Germany
  • Ylona Baars
    Ylona Baars Chairlady
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