Etan Premium Gold Inground trampoline safety pad 244 cm / 08ft green


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This pad is suitable for an Inground trampoline of 244 cm. The pad has a side with air permeable mesh, so that the air that collects under the trampoline during jumping can easily escape. This is essential for a smooth, silent jump.

Furthermore, this safety pad shields the frame and springs up to 18 cm so that jumping is safe. An extra pad rests on the mat for extra safety.

The safety pad is completely filled with 3 cm thick foam, so that the entire edge provides cushioning against falls. In short, an edge that makes your trampoline a safe playground again.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 137 × 59 × 27 cm
Size of cushion

Ø 244

Warranty safety pads

5 years

Made in


Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron


Etan Premium


Etan d.o.o.

Filling safety pad

EPE foam

Length of springs (mm)