Etan Quick Springs trampoline spring – set for Etan Premium 310 x 232 cm


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A set of Etan’s brand new 22 cm Etan Quick Spring trampoline springs for all 1075 / 310 x 232 cm Etan Premium trampolines. Set of 80 pieces. The springs are made of the best spring steel. This steel contains zinc, so the springs won’t rust and therefore can’t break. In addition, these springs are tightened up and made of even stronger steel, so they retract faster and ensure a quick jump instead of a smooth jump. Perfect for the jumper who loves tricks and wants to make the coolest somersaults.

Suitable to replace 22 cm springs or if you are looking for a spring to do tricks with.

How do you measure the spring length? Remove a spring from your trampoline. Measure it from hook to hook. Not quite sure? Contact our customer service and they will be happy to help you.

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Weight 10 kg
Number of springs


Springs warranty

15 years

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Springsteel (zinc-containing)


Etan Quick Springs